• Missing, they look for Blanca Fernández Ochoa in the Navalmedio Valley
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  • "99%." Blanca Fernández Ochoa's family is convinced she was carrying a sleeping bag and food
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The Civil Guard has activated its Underwater Activities Group (GEAS) to begin looking for Blanca Fernández Ochoa this morning, who has been missing for 11 days , in two reservoirs of the Sierra Norte de Madrid, as confirmed by EL WORLD of research sources: Berceas and Navalmedio.

The new line of investigation obeys the evidence that, after finding the former skier's car near Cercedilla (Madrid) last Sunday, and without a trace of it after almost three days of intense search in the Fuenfría Valley, the Researchers do not rule out that the body of the woman, 56, can be sunk in one of these two reservoirs, near the area of ​​work.

Although the main hypothesis remains that the Olympic medalist suffered a road accident on the mountain, where he went to the ceiling with some frequency, or that he fell from one of the many cliffs in the area, the new research line puts again on the table the possibility that Fernández Ochoa, who had been through difficult times in recent years and had been protected by his brothers - for nine months with his sister Lola - disappeared voluntarily.

The news is therefore a turn in the operation. Although all those involved do not forget that the chances of finding Fernández Ochoa alive are limited with the passing of the hours, up until now he had worked mainly in the hope of finding her alive, perhaps injured.

The Civil Guard has now activated GEAS to search for its body under water, and yet all eyes are also placed today, on the fourth day of search, on the mountain of Seven Peaks, preferred by both Fernández Ochoa and his family, and the most dangerous according to the Firefighters of the Community of Madrid, whose Special Group of Rescues in Height (GERA) considers "the zero zone" for a situation of these characteristics of all those of the place.

Yesterday, the southern zone of Siete Picos was swept with drones and members of the GERA and GEO, a summit full of cracks "by which a person fits," said Firefighters of the Community of Madrid, and today it is expected to do the same with the North face, also very difficult. All this in a countdown to find Blanca Fernández Ochoa who begins to be desperate and exasperate both the family, very involved in the search, as well as the operational huge, with about 300 police officers, Civil Guard, Community Firefighters from Madrid and local police.

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