Both professional baseball Softbank and Seibu won and the game difference remained 1 September 3 at 23:04

In professional baseball, one game was no game and five games were held. In the Pacific League, the top soft bank and the second place Seibu both won, and the game difference remained at 1.

Pacific League.

Softbank vs. Rakuten won Softbank 3-2. SOFTBANK took the lead twice with Imamiya's 14th solo home run, and added 4 points to Uchikawa's No. 12 two-run home run twice. The starting pitcher Rei Takahashi won the 11th win with 2 runs until the middle of the 8th. Rakuten was able to catch up with two solo home runs in 8 times, but it was not enough, and the consecutive wins stopped at 3.

Orix vs. Seibu won Seibu 5: 1. Seibu preempted Nakamura's No. 26 tour run home run once and added 3 points in the 9th, including Mori and Kuriyama's timely two-base hit. The starter Neil pitched well with 7 points without a penalty and raised his ninth win with 8 consecutive wins.

Lotte vs. Nippon Ham won Lotte 2-0. Lotte won two points in a timely hit with Inoue's timely hit. The starting pitcher, Ishikawa, is the fifth win with seven runs. Lotte closed the Nippon Ham without giving a score to the second and subsequent pitchers and returned the winning percentage to 50%. Nippon Ham crushed the chance with three double plays and lost seven consecutive losses.

It ’s Selague.

Giant vs. Chunichi won Sino-Japan 4-3. In the middle of the day, Fukuda's No. 16 Touran Home Run scored two points first, and added one point every 6th and 7th. The new pitcher Umezu has 5 goals and 1 goal, 3 wins since debut. The giant lost three consecutive losses.

Yakult vs. Hiroshima won 3-0. Hiroshima scored 2 points in the second time with Santana's timely hits, etc., and expanded the lead in 6th with Ishihara's first solo home run. Johnson pitched 8 times with only 2 hits and won 10th win with no goal.

DeNA vs. Hanshin, once back, the game was interrupted due to a lightning strike during DeNA's attack, and it was no game.