Prevention of reoccurrence of scandals Compliance regulations are explained to competition groups Sports Agency September 3 21:10

The Sports Agency held a briefing for the competition group on the 3rd in response to the establishment of a code that the competition group should follow in order to prevent the recurrence of scandals one after another in the sports world.

In June, the Sports Agency compiled the “Sports Organization Governance Code”, a code that must be followed by sporting organizations, to prevent the reoccurrence of scandals such as power harassment and unauthorized use of subsidies.

In response, the Sports Agency held a briefing session for competition organizations in Tokyo on the 3rd, and approximately 100 people from 76 organizations attended.

The norm sets an upper limit on the number of directors who can be reappointed, and the term of office should be up to 10 consecutive years in principle. We are going to set restrictions.

Regarding the term of office of directors, there was a response from some competition groups due to concerns about lack of human resources, etc. before the norm was established.

There was no objection or objection at the briefing session on the 3rd, but some small organizations were concerned about the administrative burden.

Fumiaki Iwata, general manager of the Japan Sports Association, who is also in the position of judging competition organizations, “I felt that each organization understood that it would be difficult to be recognized socially unless the norm was realized. I think that I can clear it properly. "