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The spokeswoman for Blanca Fernández Ochoa's family, Adrian Federighi, said that "unfortunately" there is still no clue of the skier Blanca Fernández , who has been missing since last August 24, and that the family is focused on the search.

"We have the hopes to the fullest; every day that passes is an extra concern, every day that passes is a terrible sadness to go to sleep without having found Blanca," Federighi said on Tuesday in Cercedilla, the place from which each day is Undertake the search.

According to Federighi, the Police have not told them at any time what information was on Blanca's phone - that she left at home - or in the car, which is still being analyzed by the Scientific Police, and has added that she has heard on television that Blanca is also looking outside Madrid, an extreme that he does not know.

The brother-in-law of the missing athlete, husband of Lola Fernández Ochoa , explained to reporters before starting the search on Tuesday, which at 7:00 p.m. on the 24th asked his wife for Blanca to watch the Real Madrid game but that she looked for her and told her that she was not in the house, to which she had moved those days.

At the end of the game, seeing that Blanca was not at home, they talked with her brother Juanma and with Blanca's daughter, Olivia, at which time she said her mother had explained that she would go four days north to go hiking, which is why - he said - "we went to sleep so quiet".

Federighi has also affirmed that the whole family is in the hill of Cercedilla contributing to the search for Blanca, as well as dozens of volunteers and many others who have had to be discarded. "I have 200 unopened messages on my phone from people who offer to come."

According to the spokesman for Fernández Ochoa, "the family is very lively; we are whole, happy, happy, we go out to look for Blanca and we want to find her."

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