• Disappearance: Civil Guard dogs detect a trail that could lead to Blanca Fernández Ochoa
  • Last minute: Drones prepared to reach the most inaccessible areas
  • Volunteers.The City Council of Cercedilla calls neighbors to participate in the search
  • Time trial. "She is from peaks and valleys, to walk and emotionally"
  • Profile.Blanca Fernández Ochoa, predestined to be a champion
  • Disappearance.Testigos affirm that Blanca Fernández Ochoa's car had only been in Cercedilla for a few hours

The search for Blanca Fernández Ochoa has ended this Monday without good news. Lola, the sister who was hosting the Olympic medalist in her house, could not contain her frustration: "I am demoralized, I thought I knew the mountain but now I realize the dimension of all this, how big it is. We thought that today was going to be a good day, but it is very demoralizing to see that we have not found it. And that we know these mountains very well, "he said at the end of the search tasks.

"I think the storm on Monday 26 could catch him here [when he hailed copiously over the Community of Madrid, and also in the Fuenfría Valley]." Fernández Ochoa is confident that his sister will travel to the area being registered. "I think she must have gone to the Siete Picos area, which is the family's favorite. Surely it was there and something happened to her, we do not contemplate another hypothesis. We are very sad today, but we have to thank all the world the enormous effort you are making to find Blanca, and the love you are showing her. Thank you all very much. "

The search for Blanca Fernández Ochoa has focused on Monday afternoon in two places specifically in the Fuenfría Valley, near Cercedilla (Madrid): the Poyal de las Vacas, and the summits five and seven of the so-called Seven Peaks.

In the first of them, relatively close to the own 'headquarters' of the rescue teams, at least one of the dogs of the canine units has identified, according to Civil Guard sources consulted by EL MUNDO, a smell that could be linked to The former skier.

The agents in charge of these dogs have perceived that the dogs could have identified the trail of Fernández Ochoa. However, the indication may not be very reliable for two reasons: the fact that there are numerous relatives of the Olympic medalist in the area, who could carry their smell and confuse the dogs, and the large number of volunteers and professionals who have participated in the search work, with groups of up to 30 people.

The dogs were expected to pass through the area of ​​Poyal de Las Vacas more calmly so that the agents can elucidate whether the excitement of the dogs responded to the presence of Fernández Ochoa or if, on the contrary, it was a false alarm.

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DISAPPEARANCE Testigos affirm that Blanca Fernández Ochoa's car had only been in Cercedilla for a few hours

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