Over the past year, there has been a lot of talk about increasing the number of teams in damallsvenskan. Among other things, the union captain Peter Gerhardsson has repeatedly raised the subject.

A project group has been working on the issue, and after a conference of chairmen this summer, an increase from 12 to 14 teams was advocated.

"Need to be prepared even more"

But now, after the chairmen of the various clubs last week had a meeting, the elite clubs' interest organization EFD has decided not to submit a motion to the Swedish Football Association's meeting of representatives.

- Not only does this affect the damsel Swede and the elite, but it also affects further down the series system. And then it has been concluded that this needs to be prepared even further down the system, how it will affect and so on, says Tomas Hoszek, to SVT Sport, and continues:

- So that's not going to come up at this meeting.

So it will be a continuing investigation, so to speak?

- Yes, it was not complete, what I understand. The assignment that the Federal Board has issued for the investigation was not complete, it has not been possible to assemble the whole in time so that it can be a good basis for making decisions.

- It affects so many people. After all, there are four Division 1 series that are also affected, which means that it was decided that this should go back to the investigative team and be investigated further.

"Everyone is positive"

However, Tomas Hoszek is clear that in the elite series they agree that they want more teams in the highest series.

- Everyone is positive and for an expansion. But these parts, with how it affects the serial system below, are not sufficiently elaborate - and it has to be. We must not give a damn what it looks like down in the series system, you have to have the whole picture ready for you.