Rugby World Cup South Africa practiced to Japan and test match September 1 21:36

This week before the Rugby World Cup, the South African national team, which has a test match with the Japanese national team, presented their practice in Gifu Prefecture.

South Africa is the 5th place in the world ranking and will be testing against Japan on 6th of this month.

On the night of the 31st, the team from overseas that participated in the World Cup came to Japan the earliest, and on the 1st, the practice was released for about an hour and a half on the ground in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture.

In practice, she is the first black man to be the captain of the national team who will be in the World Cup, Malcolm Marks, the world's best hooker, and the 25-year-old command tower, as well as the stand-off Handlele Pollard. Warm-up was performed as it was.

After this, the Bucks players repeated the form of connecting to the try with a kick and fine pass, etc. When the wing player grabbed the kick pass and brought it to the try, the local people who came to see the practice shouted It was.

At the end, we divided into two teams and practiced in the form of actual battles, confirming the course of the pass and the defensive position while assuming various scenes.

Caprice Corissi said, “I'm happy to be warmly welcomed by a lot of Japanese people. I think Japan is getting stronger recently, so I think it ’s going to be a difficult fight. I want to pull the team firmly as a captain.” .

Also, Raji Erasmus Head Coach, who had a press conference before the practice, said, “I have seen the past 5 or 6 games in Japan, but it has become an aggressive and well-scoring team and has evolved considerably. "I want to clear my regrets that I lost in the last World Cup and prepare for this tournament".