Rugby Japan National Team's first practice after World Cup members announced September 1 at 15:05

The Japan Rugby National Team practiced for the first time after the members of the World Cup were announced, and repeated the form of breaking the opponent's defenses with a fine pass for the test match with the powerhouse and South Africa on the 6th of this month. It was.

Japan, which is ranked 9th in the world ranking, announced by 31 members who faced the World Cup on the 29th of last month, will face South Africa, South Africa, which is ranked 5th in the world as the last test match before the competition.

On the 1st, members practiced for the first time after the announcement of the members, and in the first 15 minutes that were released, the players of the Bucks tried to pass the fine pass that Japan had in front of the goal line, breaking the defense of the opponent. Repeated the shape to connect to.

Japan has been playing against South Africa since the last World Cup, which has won a historic victory. While aiming for the top 8 or more in the World Cup held in the home country, the final corrections were confirmed, and the same match with the powerhouse. It will be a battle to catch the response that can be crossed over.

A test match between Japan and South Africa will be held at Kumagaya Rugby Field in Saitama Prefecture from 7:15 pm on the 6th of this month, and NHK will broadcast on BS1.