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There is another Ricky in Ricky. Under his beard of shipwreck and his collected hair, beyond the tattoos that forever transformed the boy who amazed the world, even far beyond his basketball more thriving than ever, there is a guy who discovered a reason for being behind Baskets: life. And everything you can do to improve those of others from your privileged watchtower. Hence his reflections, his concerns and his Foundation , the one he promised to his mother and the one that focuses all his efforts. Ahead, yes, of basketball. As of this Saturday, also a World Cup.

How much desire is there already for the World Cup after more than a month of preparation? The good time is coming. We have been together for more than a month and there is already an evolution. Throughout the year we are in different teams and we have to unite the philosophy of the coaching staff. But little by little we adapt. Does the friendly start help? I don't think we're going to speculate at all in the first group. We want to take good feelings and not at all a start in which we win but that leaves us with bad feelings. Then, what will come will come. We cannot burn stages. Almost 20 points on average in preparation. I never saw a Ricky so scorer. I feel comfortable, well facing the hoop and, above all, regular. It is something that I was looking for for a long time and I have found enough maturity to perform in each game. Is it easy to adapt to that new role of offensive referent? It is what the team asks me. We are here to contribute. In the selection, at other times, they asked me for other things, we had other types of players. Now it's time to take a step forward. In scoring, in leadership ... But this is not fixed by a figure, it is something we have to do among all. We have to exploit our weapons. What feeling did the friendly against the US leave in California? Are they beatable for the first time in a long time? We saw that we can play from you to you against a team like the USA. They have very good players and in preparation it was still early. But he gave us the confidence that we can play against them and beat them. Why in basketball giving up a World Cup is 'logical' and in other sports it is unthinkable? Each case is unique and different. But there are priorities. The ACB season, for example, is very long. The NBA is very demanding. Every year the summers serve more and more to make the necessary jump, because the individual level has taken a general leap. I've been in the NBA for eight years and every summer you see players who have contributed something new; take advantage of the summer not to rest, to improve a lot. That is one of the options. Another is personal issues. Many times we don't know what happens to everyone's life. His commitment to the selection is faultless, he was only absent due to injury. Why is it special? It is different to play with the national team than with a club. With Spain you play since childhood, with the training selections, you live in a family. Also, in the end you play for a country, it's something different and you feel proud. Here we are all a little of the same philosophy, of the same culture, it is something that happens little in clubs, where there is a lot of diversity of players. That makes it more enjoyable. It debuted precisely in China, with 17 years. 2008 was a very special year for me. To play Olympic Games so young and, above all, to play for the first time with a selection of the level we had was a dream. I had very good teachers in the 80's generation. Returning to China is always special. It is a bit where I started my great professional career worldwide and that always makes me nostalgic for that great moment. In these 11 years he lived several races. What is it? A quick review ... many experiences, from which I learned a lot from each of them. Every moment is special, the good ones, the bad ones. You have to learn from them and also enjoy. But how do you learn from bad times? Knowing that there is no light if there is no darkness. It is something you have learned with experience. We complain about what we have instead of accepting and trying to improve. It has been his best season as a professional. What are the reasons? The level of physical maturity at almost 29 and without serious injuries in recent years. Also mental maturity. It all comes together a little. I have to seize the moment. And, in addition, the experience has been an important degree for me, to learn from life. I am in a good personal moment. They are 11 or 12 years as a professional. Let them continue. How did he lose his fear of failure? With mental work and life experiences. The gravity barometer is changing and right now my level of good and bad has changed a lot. In my life there is much more good than bad. Among those good things is its Foundation. Recognize that basketball has ceased to be his priority. Why? From a very young age, since I started playing, I have always sought to give back to the community all the love. But there comes a time when circumstances happen in my life [the death of his mother] and I learned not to leave things for later, to do them now. And one of the ones I had in mind was to create a Foundation. And take advantage of the status that society gives me in this regard. As a person I felt that I had to give something back. Hence it is born. There are many types, but this goes with my way of being also on the court, with sharing, with everyone feeling part of it. And of course there is a very important branch that is cancer, which touched me closely. But also children, because I have always thought that they have to have equal opportunities to enjoy life. Many times life is not fair, but if we can do something better ... Everything that is in my hand, I will try. How is your involvement, your day to day in the Foundation? I like the projects that come out of heart. I related one that was children and cancer. There are signs in life and he was born at the exact moment, he fell from heaven. One of my goals was to sponsor a child. At the end of a meeting, I received a call from a coach, Lluís Escudero, with whom he had not spoken for three or four years and has a child with cancer. A child that has a lot of strength. It will be called Luca project, like him. And he will sponsor other children to teach his experience, with the help of the Ricky Rubio Foundation. Soon the documentary will come out.

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