Basketball World Cup opening Japan national team final adjustment for the first game September 1 0:01

The basketball World Cup has begun in China. Japan made the final adjustments for the first day of the game, and Ace Yasushi Yasushi said, “We are very excited to be able to fight with this member.”

The World Cup, the world's best basketball boy, opened in China on the 31st, and eight games of the first round were held.

Japan, which is ranked 48th in the world ranking, practiced at the game venue in Shanghai before the first match against Turkey, ranked 17th in the world, and the last 10 minutes were released.

Players practiced shots and free throws, and NBA, American professional basketball, and Wizards Yachimura players in the Japanese ace confirmed their feelings in a relaxed manner with occasional smiles.

After practicing, Yamura said, “I am happy to be in the international tournament for the first time in a long time, and I am very much looking forward to fighting with this member.”

And for the game against Turkey, “I think the defensive and rebound that I have been working on will be the point. I want to achieve results because I am aiming to win the European team.”

Japan will play against Turkey from 5:30 pm Japan time on the 1st.

Japan's representative who is evaluated as the strongest in history

The Japanese men's national basketball team passed the Asian qualifiers of the World Cup held by Ototoshi and decided their fifth entry for the first time in 13 years since the 2006 tournament.

This is the first time in 21 years since 1998. In the Asian qualifying, we had 4 consecutive losses from the first round of the first qualifying, and we were driven to the situation of a cliff that was even in danger of proceeding to the second qualifying.

However, Yasushi Yamura, who was affiliated with a strong university in the United States, and Nick Fuzzycus, a former NBA player who acquired Japanese nationality in April last year, joined the team. The victory that can be called Venus was given to Australia.

After this, Yuta Watanabe, who signed a contract with the NBA team, joined Japan, adding to the height and speed that were previously lacking, and continued to win.

With the participation of three players, Yamura, Watanabe, and Fuzzycus, other players were also stimulated and gained confidence and gained significant growth.

Then, in the second round of the second qualifying round held in February, the team made a rapid progress of 8 consecutive wins and decided to participate in the World Cup.

Japan is ranked 48th in the world ranking, with NBA's Yamura and Watanabe players, and is rated as the strongest in history.

In addition, in the summer of the same season as Yudai Baba, who belongs to the B-League team, and Shin Hiejima, he participated in the Summer League, where young NBA players mainly participated, gained valuable experience and joined the representative. .

Even in the reinforced match held in August, the good game shined against the top teams and won the 22nd place in Germany.

At this World Cup, it will be noticed what kind of battle Japan will show against the world's powerhouses and top teams.

Turkey is stable on both sides

Turkey, which Japan is fighting for the first time in the basketball men's World Cup, is ranked 17th in the world ranking and has participated in the World Cup for five consecutive times.

In 2010, the tournament was held in his home country, and was second only to the United States.

This time, there are three active NBA players, including 32-year-old Asan Ilhasova, who belongs to NBA Bucks.

The team has a high speed and can be attacked quickly, and is a stable team on both sides.

Basketball World Cup tournament The first round is round-robin for each team

There will be 32 teams, including 31 teams that have won the qualifying of each continent and China, the host country, in the World Cup for Basketball Men.

The first round is divided into 8 groups of 4 teams, and Japan ranked 48th in the world ranking is in “Group E”.

The United States, which aims to be the first place in the world for the first time in the world, and the 2010 championship held in its own country, is ranked second in the world.

In the first round, 3 matches are played for each team, the top 2 teams in the group advance to the 2nd round, and the bottom 2 teams enter the rankings.

If Japan advances to the second round, the results of the first round will be carried over, and a group will be formed with another team from Group E and two teams that have won from the next Group F.

And we will play 2 matches with the team that is not fighting in the first round.

The top two teams from each group will advance to the final tournament with eight teams, including the results carried over from the first round.