Professional baseball 30th game result August 31 0:39

Six professional baseball games were held, and in the Pacific League, Seibu, the second-ranked player, competed against the top-ranked Softbank and approached one game difference.

Pacific League

Seibu vs. Softbank won Seibu 4-2. Seibu caught up with Tosaki's No. 21 Touran 4 times, followed by two points, and Mori won No. 20 Touran in 7th. The pitcher Hira, who showed good relief in the third person, won his first professional victory. Seibu approached one game difference to the leading Softbank in four consecutive wins. In Softbank, pitcher Chiga is a four-game losing streak.

Rakuten vs. Nippon Ham won Rakuten 7-2. Rakuten took 6 points at once, including four times of the timely base of the brush player, followed by Fernando hitting the timely two base of the runners away.
Rookie's archer pitcher is the third win with 6 goals and 2 runs. Rakuten went up to third place alone. Nippon Ham, pitcher Kitaura of the 2nd year, lost 6 points in the middle of the 4th time, enjoying his first professional black star and losing 4 consecutive losses.

Lotte vs. Orix won Orix 10-4. Orix returned 3 points by 8 times, 3 times 4 by Kojima's timely and Ms. Samurai's sacrificial fly, and gathered 3 timely 9 times and added 4 points. The fourth pitcher Kaida is the first star in three years. Lotte did not stick to the pitcher and fell to 4th place with a win rate of 50%.

Se League

The Hanshin vs. Giant won the giant 4: 1. The giants won seven times one-on-one in a timely manner with Maru, and Maru hit the 24th Touran with nine additional points. Maru was active in 4 hits and 3 runs. Pitcher Taguchi, who has scored 3 innings from the 5th, won the second victory. The giant reduced the magic number to win by 3 consecutive victories to 1 and reduced it to 17. Hanshin has lost 3 consecutive losses in 11 brutal attacks.

Hiroshima vs DeNA won with 6 vs 4 DeNA. DeNA scored 4 points this time, after an error involving the two-point timeliness of Kanzato, after the foreball of 2 hits, 2 hits, and Sano's push-out foreball. The starting pitcher, Hamaguchi, hurt the joint at the base of the foot twice and got off the mound, but the second pitcher Kasai made a game with 4 runs and 1/3 innings and 1 goal. DeNA won five consecutive wins. On the other hand, Hiroshima lost three consecutive losses.

Sino-Japan vs. Yakult won 7-1: In the middle day, Fukuda's No. 15 Touran preempted, and in the fifth, Kato's timely one point was added. In addition, in the 8th time, 4 points were thrown out with a two-time time-to-base of two players, Daigo and Kami. Romero pitcher won the 8th win with 6 goals and 1 goal. Sino-Japan wins three consecutive wins. Yakult lost four victories for lack of vividness.