Rugby World Cup Japan National Team members' enthusiasm August 29 16:16

It is the enthusiasm of the representative of Japan who will face the Rugby World Cup.

The oldest 38 years Thompson "I'll do my best"

Thompson Luke, who belongs to the top league Kintetsu, was the oldest member of the team at the age of 38 and became the fourth member in four consecutive tournaments.

Thompson said, “I ’m so messed up and wonderful. I ’m really looking forward to the chance to participate in the World Cup in Japan. My play is not special but for the team, for the country, for the family, I want to play with my body and help the team to win. Rugby fans are a great event and we want to have a great time and we want to do our best. "

Six people from Panasonic

Of the 31 representatives from Japan, Panasonic selected the most 6 players.

Prop's Keita Inagaki commented, “I am very honored and proud. The chosen players have responsibility, so I want to try to fulfill that responsibility”.

Similarly, Prof Val Asaeri, “I want to contribute to the victory with a strong sense of confidence and pride as a representative of Japan”.

Hooker, Atsushi Sakate commented, “I want to prepare to grow and fight more in less days until the tournament. I will do my best to achieve my goal while attracting attention in my country.”

Similarly, Shota Horie, a hooker, said, “I am happy to be a member. I want to devote myself to the best 8 that I could not achieve in the last tournament.”

Rikiya Matsuda, who also serves as a stand-off and center, says, “I want to make the best preparations before the tournament as a representative of Panasonic and Japan.

Wing ’s Kenki Fukuoka commented, “It ’s a really special tournament for me and the Japanese rugby world. I want to prove the power of Japan to the world with the best teammates and the best play.”

Selected by Canon from Tanaka and Tamura

Two people were elected from Canon.

Scrum Half's Shiro Tanaka said, “I feel honored as well as a strong responsibility. I think that in the tournament held in my home country, the performance of the Japanese national team will be greatly related to the future of Japan rugby. I am convinced that the current representative of Japan has the power. "

Yu Tamura, a stand-off player, said, “I want to make sure that I can give back to many people who helped me, and do my best for Japan.”

5 people selected from Suntory

Comments from players who belong to Suntory.

Hooker Takuya Kitade said, “I am delighted to have been selected as a representative of Japan. I would like to contribute to the victory of the team by sticking to each game. We appreciate your support. "

Franker's Tsui Hendrik said, “I am practicing hard every day to prepare for a good performance. I will do my best to produce memorable results. I look forward to meeting you at the venue. "

Scrum Half ’s Ryudai said, “Since it was decided that the World Cup would be held in Japan, I was always thinking about being active in the World Cup. I hope to make Japanese rugby more valuable in this tournament and become a sport loved by all. "

Ryoto Nakamura of the center said, “We will firmly hold that we can play on the stage of the World Cup that we have long admired since we started rugby, and we thank all of you who have supported me so far. I will come. "

Kotaro Matsushima, who serves as both a fullback and a wing, said, “We built up hard training for the World Cup and won the Pacific Nations Cup, so I hope I can show that power in the World Cup. I would like to aim for 8 or more. "

Love Skafni from Kubota

Kubota's flanker, Peter Loveskaffni, commented, “I am very happy and excited. I look forward to future challenges.”