Barcelona officials held a crucial meeting with the Paris Saint-Germain administration yesterday to put the points on the letter in the deal to return Brazilian Neymar to Barcelona, ​​where the agreement - according to Spanish media yesterday - almost finished, with the official announcement expected today. In the midst of the joy of Catalan supporters to strengthen the ranks of one of the most prominent stars of the world football, there is a severe financial crisis looming for officials in the Barcelona administration, with the disclosure of the total value of the deal of half a billion euros, with the calculation of the salaries of the five-year contract expected, What will be paid from the commission, as well as 170 million euros in two payments to the Paris Club of SG.

S called the Neymar deal a "big gamble", as it actually threatens the club financially, which could have a bounce on the future of the team football. It is noteworthy that the sports director of Barcelona, ​​Javier Bordas, revealed yesterday, that it was almost agreed with the Germans on the outline of the expected deal, provided that the player's formal submission if all goes positive for Barcelona, ​​at Camp Nou within days, but must Barcelona persuade French star Dembele to enter the deal.

On Monday, Neymar held a meeting with the manager of Saint Germain, Leonardo, in which he revealed that he only wants to return to Barcelona, ​​and is not willing to move, not to Real Madrid or Juventus. As a result, the meeting between the administrations of Barcelona and Saint-Germain in the French capital Paris.

According to «Parisian» French, has been agreed on 170 million euros, but the difference still exists on the details, including the addition of Frenchman Osman Dembli, as well as the method of payment of the agreed amount, where the Barcelona club proposed to be divided into two seasons (85 million euros currently and the same amount) In the next season), while SG claim the whole amount at once or add a player, or 130 million euros at once with Dembele and Rakitic.

High debt

Whatever the details of the deal, which is about 170 million euros, and may include an important player such as Dembele, Barcelona will have to suffer financially, and will replace the current president of the club, Joseph Bartomio, a heavy legacy of his successor, who will be elected next year, since the deal worth up to 500 One million euros will be added to many other expenses, which means that the total debt of Barcelona will rise to 674 million euros (492 million euros short-term debt, 189 million euros long-term debt).

S analyzed the total value of the deal by saying that besides 170 million euros, there will be 300 million euros includes the player's salaries with bonuses, incentives, tax and commissions. Feymar now receives a net salary of 30 million euros with SG. Earlier, Barca were paid 22 million euros a year, and even if he agreed to cut his salary, he would still be in the squad of 25 or 28 million euros, meaning that Neymar's annual cost to Barcelona would not be less than 60 million euros, without counting 170 million euros.

Spiraling expenses

If the signing of Neymar in the first time has caused countless problems for the former president, Sandro Rosell, and ends up in prison and then released, it may not be the damage of the second signing of the previous one, but it will significantly affect the future of the club financially, especially since Barcelona Currently, 62% of his annual budget of € 960 million is spent on players' salaries (€ 595 million), and with the arrival of Neymar this figure will increase further, and may approach or exceed the European limit of 70% of the club's budget, which could expose Barcelona to sanctions Future by the UEFA.

It does not stop there: the inclusion of a player like Dembele in the deal will mean that Barcelona lost 140 million euros, which is the value of what he paid in the player in the summer of 2017 when he bought him from Dortmund, which also means that the Neymar deal if the French will cost the club 310 million euros As a direct amount of the contract. This is in addition to the loss of the departure of Brazilian Coutinho loaned to Bayern Munich for 8.5 million euros this summer, after he bought 160 million euros in January 2018 from Liverpool, to make up for the vacuum left by the departure of Neymar at the time.

On the other hand, the club did not sell any influential player last summer, but a major deal to buy the penalty clause in the contract of French Antoine Griezmann for 120 million euros. If Atletico wins their case against Barcelona, ​​they will have to pay an extra 80 million euros to Atletico.

Bad news for Griezmann

The arrival of Neymar will not only affect financially, but it will mean a technical problem for coach Ernesto Valverde to find a solution, because simply the Barcelona attack will be full of stars, and perhaps the most prominent victim is Frenchman Griezmann, who plays almost in the place of Neymar himself.

Even if Valverde plays Messi, Neymar and Griezmann this will inevitably mean sacrificing other names, most notably the Croatian Rakitic, but if Dembele remains, the problem will be much greater, according to the newspaper «Marca» Spanish.

All in all, Neymar is an influential player, and coming to Barcelona could mean a huge technical boost for the team, but the bigger question remains: "How will Barcelona manage the financial issue of this deal and its potential impact on the club's debt and future financial plans?"

- Barcelona is betting on convincing Dembele to leave in order to officially resolve the Neymar deal