For Jetse Bol it was good that he could compete on Wednesday for the win in the first mountain stage of the Vuelta a España. The Dutchman wondered the day before for which he even participated in the Spanish cycle.

"Yesterday I had an unfortunate day," said Bol 29-year-old at Eurosport . "I had to change bikes twice and I was relieved without a chance when I came back from a bike change."

"I even sent a message to the home front asking what I am doing it for," the rider of the small Spanish formation Burgos-BH continued. "And then it just works as a team today. Great!"

Together with his Spanish teammate Ángel Madrazo and his fellow countryman José Herrada, Bol was part of an early flight, which was given plenty of room by the peloton. Eventually the Dutchman seemed to be competing with Herrada for the stage win, but in the final kilometer the released Madrazo fought back.

The Spaniard then demarcated and soloed for the biggest win of his career. Bol came across the finish line ten seconds from his teammate cheering.

Ángel Madrazo celebrates his stage victory in the Vuelta a España. (Photo: Getty Images)

'The' stupid riders 'now win a ride'

"Weird," Bol cheered. "I wanted to sit along, but not with three people. In retrospect, this was the best thing that could happen. I thought Madrazo was completely devastated, but he went on. It couldn't be better."

"At first I thought of my own chances, but this is fantastic. Last year we also saw some surprises, so we knew that something like that was possible. It might look stupid, such an attack with three. But the 'stupid riders "Win a ride now", by which he meant the riders who opt for an early flight.

Bol, who is taking part in the Vuelta for the third time, put down his best performance in second place in a stage in a big lap. Two years ago he came in seventh place in a Vuelta stage, his best result until Wednesday.