Ajax will play the crucial return on Wednesday evening against the Cypriot APOEL in the play-offs of the Champions League. The competition in the Johan Cruijff ArenA started at 9 p.m. Follow the return in this live blog.

  • Champions League play-offs
  • LIVE: Ajax-APOEL 1-0
  • Started at 9 p.m.
  • Round trip ended in 0-0
  • Winner to group stage CL

Ajax-APOEL · one minute ago

72 'APOEL finally dares to leave the defensive positions a little, but with the exception of a harmless free kick it doesn't produce much. Meanwhile, with Bezjak (after a serious foul at Dest), another APOEL player has landed in Zwayer's book.

Ajax-APOEL · 5 minutes ago

70 'It is starting to become a nice card festival again, just like in the first game. In contrast to last week, the most yellow is now for APOEL: 5 versus 2 for Ajax.

Ajax-APOEL · 8 minutes ago

The moment when referee Zwayer sees that Veltman is offside at the goal of Huntelaar.

Ajax-APOEL · 10 minutes ago

64 'There was almost the second again for Ajax. Tadic receives the ball as a gift from an opponent and delivers it to Huntelaar. However, the striker also finds Delic on his path.

Ajax-APOEL · 13 minutes ago

58 'The biggest chances remain by far for Ajax, which is really trying to push through. However, Ziyech meets the excellent playing goalkeeper Delic.

Ajax-APOEL · 17 minutes ago

56 'At least APOEL has already shown something more offensive than in the first half. As a result, Ajax continues to be careful, because at 1-1 the Cyproten would qualify for the group stage.

0 - APOEL Nicosia did not register a single touch in Ajax 'box in the first half. Nil.

Avatar Author OptaJohan Time of places 22: 05 - 28 August 2019

Ajax-APOEL · 18 minutes ago

It is centimeter work, but Joël Veltman is indeed offside with his toe. Quite a remarkable decision, because Veltman did not actively participate in the game.

Ajax-APOEL · 19 minutes ago

54 'On the other hand, a goal from APOEL is also rejected because of offside, but no VAR is needed for that.

Ajax-APOEL · 22 minutes ago

52 'Goal rejected!

Ajax's goal is scored, because Veltman turned out to be offside with a toe. So it remains 1-0.

Ajax-APOEL · 24 minutes ago

The VAR is still going to bend over the hit because an offside situation might have preceded it.

Ajax-APOEL · 26 minutes ago

50 'GOAL Ajax! 2-0

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar doubles Ajax's lead. The striker heads the ball from close range via the bottom of the crossbar just over the goal line.

Ajax-APOEL · 27 minutes ago

Edson Álvarez does not let his basic debut go unnoticed. After an early yellow card, the Mexican midfielder made the only goal in the 43th minute.

Ajax-APOEL · 30 minutes ago

46 'The second half has started. Will Ajax hunt for more goals, or will it let APOEL come?

Ajax-APOEL · 34 minutes ago

View the header here with which Álvarez gave Ajax the lead in the first half.

DREAM DEBUT! ⚡️Alvarez does it for Ajax! 💥 #AJAAPO 1-0! 🔥 #UCL #veronicainside

Avatar Author Veronica InsideMoment of places21: 48 - 28 August 2019

Ajax-APOEL · 38 minutes ago

Never before this century did Ajax score in 36 consecutive home games.

36 - @AFCAjax have scored in 36 consecutive home games in all competitions for the first time this century. Class.

Avatar Author OptaJohan Moment of Places 21: 46 - 28 August 2019

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

REST: 1-0

Ajax will go to the dressing room with a good feeling. The Mexican base deputy Álvarez with his header in the 43th minute made sure that the home team really had a place in the Champions League group stage.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

45 'Veltman ensures that the score in terms of yellow cards is balanced again: 2-2. More important for Ajax: when it comes to goals, after the powerful header by Álvarez it is on the right side of the score.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

43 'GOAL Ajax! 1-0

Then there is the opening goal for Ajax! Álvarez, who makes his debut in the base, is nicely headed in from a free kick by Ziyech. At this stand Ajax is qualified for the group stage of the Champions League.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

41 'The biggest chance so far for Ajax! Ziyech gets the ball at the second post when Tadic hits the side net from close by. That would have been a good moment to take the lead just before the break.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

39 'A little bump in the field after Blind taps his head against the head of Pavlovic lying on the floor. Referee Zwayer, who probably did not see the moment, finished it without cards.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

36 'A great free kick by Ziyech, who is turned into a corner by Belec with two fists.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

35 'Tisic is worked towards the ground just outside the penalty area by Merkis, who gets yellow for that. It gives Ajax a free kick in a nice place.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

33 'Ziyech sends his opponent into the forest beautifully. However, the Moroccan pass is removed by APOEL from the penalty area.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

31 'Mihajlovic applies the emergency brake to prevent Ziyech from becoming dangerous. It gives the Bosnian the first yellow card for APOEL.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

30 'Another shot from the second line. This time Tadic is aiming high. After half an hour of play there is still 0-0 on the scoreboard in the ArenA, after ninety minutes last week in Nicosia was not scored.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar was prevented from scoring early in the game due to the thoughtful intervention of the APOEL keeper.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

25 'The first yellow card in the match is for an Ajax player. Álvarez goes for the receipt because he swings a little too much with his arm and works his opponent towards the grass.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

23 'A shot from Ziyech from outside the penalty area ends up safely in the hands of Belec. Shooting from a distance is not even such a bad idea against the close defense of APOEL.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

22 'It is one-way traffic in the ArenA, although it is still waiting for great opportunities. A cross from right back Dest lands on the shoulder instead of the head of Tadic and is therefore a simple prey for the keeper.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

18 'Finally the ball is behind goalkeeper Belec, but the referee has already whisted well before a foul by Dest. So that party of Ajax is canceled.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

15 'The pressure of Ajax on the goal of APOEL is increasing, although sometimes there is a lack of care in the passing. Moreover, defender Merkis prevents twice with a good interception that the home team can become dangerous.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

11 'A clever ball by Tadic with which he tries to put Huntelaar free in front of the goal. However, goalkeeper Belec is attentive and intervenes in time.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

8 'APOEL plays in a 5-4-1 formation and therefore withdraws en masse in its own half. So it's Ajax's job to find an opening in the Cypriot wall. The first corner of the game does not present any danger. Just before that, defender Merkis prevented Neres from heading on goal.

Ajax-APOEL · one hour ago

5 'Huntelaar is called back for offside. The striker will be keen to liven up his first base of the season with a goal.

Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

3 'The first shot is from APOEL player Jakolis. However, the deployment of the Croatian goes high.

Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

1 'APOEL kicked off at the Arena. The hunt for a place in the group stage of the Champions League has begun.

Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

The Champions League anthem blares with the Johan Cruijff ArenA. In Amsterdam they will hope that this is not the last time this season.

Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

The warm-up is over. Referee Felix Zwayer started the match in just over 5 minutes.

You want warming up photos? Here you go! 📸 #UCL #ajaapo

Avatar AuthorAFC AjaxMoment of places20: 50 - 28 August 2019

Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

In 2003, 2005 and 2010 Ajax managed to advance through the preliminary rounds to the main tournament of the million ball, but in 2001, 2006, 2007, 2015, 2016 and 2017 it went wrong. If Ajax again wins the Champions League, the club may credit at least 40 million euros into the bank account.

Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

Ten Hag: 'More footballing capacity'
Erik ten Hag has changed his team in no less than eight positions compared to last week. For example, Ziyech is pushing a line back to play a decisive role in midfield. Blind moves from midfield to defense. "If APOEL plays the way it did last week, we need more footballing ability from the back," says Veronica 's trainer. Last week our attack game was inadequate after half an hour. It is Ziyech's power to make walking actions and to use the spaces from the '10 position '. It must be fine tonight. "

Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

Marin had to leave the field after a lesser appearance in Nicosia. Just like Schuurs, Promes, Traoré, Varela, Ekkelenkamp and De Wit, he is sitting on the couch.

Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

The first match between APOEL and Ajax on Cyprus last week ended in 0-0. Erik ten Hag's team ended that duel with ten men by a red card for Noussair Mazraoui, who is therefore suspended for the return. The injured Donny van de Beek does not participate either. Partly as a result, Ten Hag has completely mixed up his team tonight.

Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

Ajax must save Dutch honor
Ajax must deal with APOEL tonight to keep the honor of Dutch football high. An elimination of the team from Amsterdam would be special in several respects, because it would also mean that for the first time in 26 years no Dutch club was represented in the Champions League. In the 1993/1994 season, our country was last absentee in the most important European club tournament, when Feyenoord landed as the national champion in the preliminary round. After the Icelandic ÍA Akranes was eliminated, it went wrong against FC Porto.

Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

Edson Álvarez, the 21-year-old successor to Matthijs de Ligt, is no rookie: the Mexican defender played more than 100 games for Club América and 28 international matches. Use your football knowledge and play along with TOTO.

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Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

A new role for Lisandro Martínez tonight. The Argentinian, who until now has always played in the back, is now in midfield with Ziyech and Álvarez. Blind, on the other hand, drops a line back and is in the center of the back.

Ajax-APOEL · 2 hours ago

These are the eleven names of APOEL. The super-fast Jordanian Musa Tamari, to whom Ajax had their hands full in the first game, is once again kicking off.

#StartingXI: #AFCAjax [0] - #APOELFC [0] (#UCL PO-2leg) #AJAXvAPO #apoelfclive

Avatar AuthorAPOEL FCMoment of places19: 48 - 28 August 2019

Ajax-APOEL · 3 hours ago

Tonight Ajax misses the injured Donny van de Beek and the suspended Noussair Mazraoui. That is why Ten Hag had to shift considerably with its basic setup. Huntelaar, who made an impression as a substitute in recent weeks, can start in the starting line-up this time. Ziyech sinks back to midfield, where he gets the company of Álvarez and Martínez. Blind forms a central defense duo with Veltman.

Ajax-APOEL · 3 hours ago

The line-up of Ajax has arrived! Huntelaar and Álvarez are in the base.

Ajax setup: Onana; Dest, Veltman, Blind, Tagliafico; Martinez, Ziyech, Alvarez; Tadic, Huntelaar, Neres.

We present to you ... our boys! ❌❌❌ #UCL #ajaapo

Avatar AuthorAFC AjaxMoment of places19: 46 - 28 August 2019

Ajax-APOEL · 3 hours ago

David Neres is the most expensive Ajax player with an estimated market value of 45 million euros. That is about 12 million euros more than the estimated value of the entire selection of APOEL Nicosia. Use your football knowledge and play along with TOTO.

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