Egyptian actor Mohamed Salah has posted a funny video of him running on the water to save a football he kicked inside a river in England.

Mohamed Salah commented on his video: “Speed ​​+ Water,” and the clip appears to be part of an ad for the famous Adidas company, where he referred to the company's official account.

Wearing a shirt and sneakers for the sports company, Mo Salah appears and kicks the ball to the middle of the river and then runs through it, to appear to be walking over the water without falling, and does not know whether the ad was filmed in a movie tricks or not.

The video received many comments from the followers of the Egyptian star, one of them said: “You run on the Maya and I do not float, medicine Ezai,” and others commented: “Salah is running quickly to save the ball from drowning, God on your morals”, and a third commented: “Salah Amphibious ”.