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The small Qamzi gives the UAE a new maritime achievement


The Abu Dhabi 35, led by Rashid Al Qamzi, the little champion, won the title of the third round of the Formula 2 World Championship, which was held in Brindisi, Italy, yesterday, with the participation of 20 of the 22 boats that qualified for the final race of the tour. The

The Abu Dhabi 35, led by Rashid Al Qamzi, the little champion, won the title of the third round of the Formula 2 World Championship, which was held in Brindisi, Italy, yesterday, with the participation of 20 of the 22 boats that qualified for the final race of the tour. To the point 55 in the overall standings, in order to strongly maintain the lead, and increase his chances of winning the title of the season, and came second in the competition boat 6 led by Norwegian I. Petersson, and third boat 11 led by Swedish Pemba Sjholm.

Al-Qamzi led the competition since the beginning of the difficult race and the first start, where the Committee decided to participate 20 boats in a path length of 1650 meters with sharp curves, which led the technical committee to launch the race system yellow flag, in contrast to the classic and usual start.

Despite the difficulty of the race, Al-Qamzi has maintained the lead since the first round, to face a strong obstacle to catching since the first rounds of the last boats, which had a great role in creating a crowd at some air gates, and saw the race confused by some contestants colliding with the gates One of the victims of this law was the rider Rashid Al Tayer, on the Abu Dhabi 36 which was in sixth place in the competition, and rubbed one of the gates in order to be deducted a full course forced him to withdraw Of the race in the courses a Finally, the race in the 30th session saw the yellow flag lifted, after one of the boats stopped in the competition track, to ease the boats in the crazy track, and then raise the green flag again in the 37th session, to keep Qamzi steadfast until the 43rd and last session of the race, and is declared a champion of this Round.

Al Qamzi flew away in the overall standings by reaching 55 points, to be a huge distance from the runner-up, the Sharjah boat led by Ferdinand Zinderbijn, who has 25 points, where he finished seventh in the race, which means that Qamzi has achieved a difference of 30 Point between him and his closest rivals, Ki continues to compete for the title this season and vigorously in the next rounds of the global challenge.

For his part, the head of the Abu Dhabi team, Salim Al Rumaithi, congratulated His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Advisor to the President of the UAE, on the achievement of the Abu Dhabi team in Brindisi in the third round of the championship, and stressed that the brilliance and victory is a natural product of support and follow-up Al-Rumaithi said: “Our team's excellence in the UAE is a natural one, given the support of our leadership and the belief that we must represent our flag and our country. Well represented, as we always appreciate We must be responsible for bringing the sporting achievements of the UAE.We are very satisfied that the Abu Dhabi team have titles on a monthly basis, and for more than two years now, and also continue to be a good team. A maritime ambassador for the UAE sports everywhere he attends and participates.

Al Rumaithi said: “The numbers testify to us that we have achieved great miracles and victories in this tournament. Al-Rumaithi added: "The race was one of the tough races of the season, and we saw overlap and crowding in the most areas of competition, but the determination and skill of Al-Qamzi contributed to remain in the lead from the first moment until the last second of the race.

Qamzi tells the story of the hardest seconds

Rashed Al Qamzi, the captain of the Abu Dhabi 35 boat, lived exciting moments in the race events, with moments of re-launch, especially as the competition system requires the launch of boats again, according to their position before flying the flag, where he confirmed that these seconds were very difficult, and all boats were in Waiting for the signal to start on the radio, and any delay, even for a fraction of a second, would mean losing the lead.``I was at the top of the pressure at these moments, '' he said. , Kept the focus, and set off strongly at the moment the green flag was raised Relying on communication with Radio Man, I felt comfortable, as I held the lead.

Apparent: I am not satisfied with the participation of 20 boats in this track

Nasser Al Dhaheri, Radio Man Rashed Al Qamzi, and the winner of the race, expressed his great satisfaction with the moment the flag was raised at the end of the race, especially since the track was not normal in light of the great overlap between the boats. So, what about the racers in the track, I was with Qamzi and from the moment of the race I was trying to give him the correct guidance, and I was noticing the high waves in some air gates, because boats entered the waves of the rest, and Qamzi hired his experience in proportion to the race, and was able to Maintains the lead until the end For me I'm not happy with the participation of 20 boats in this path that accommodates the most 16 boats, but it is the Commission's decision, and are satisfied with any decision made, the virtual stressed that the most important result is the joy and the UAE at the end of the race.

Numbers of the race

• Of the 22 boats, only 20 took part in the main race, with a 1650-meter track.

• 34 seconds, the best time achieved in the race track, in the race of the best time, was the only one who broke the barrier of 34 is the leader of Abu Dhabi Zarrouk Rashid Al Qamzi.

• 43 tournaments are the main race time for the third round of the FIA ​​World Championship in Brindisi.

• 177 kilometers in top speed, achieved by Abu Dhabi 35 among all the boats participating in the competition, and that was through the best time race, while 174 kilometers per hour is the time of Swedish Pemba, was also in time race.

• 30 degrees Celsius is the maximum temperature of the atmosphere and climate in the Italian city of Brindisi, where it was generally hot at this time of year.

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