On April 3, Jonas Peterson took over as new national team manager after Rikard Grip who chose to leave the role. Four months later, Peterson and the union choose to go different worlds.

- It is different views on how we are going to develop this that has made us come to the conclusion that this is the best solution. It feels sad, says outgoing national team manager Jonas Peterson.

Can you go into what is different in your view ?

- I think it should stay within the organization. It is, as always after the season, an evaluation and I have had several different interviews about how to change and the important pieces you should focus on when you come new to the job. And I have had talks with riders about how we optimize the performance environment. It is the work I have started and where it feels good not to land properly and where it feels like you have different views. Then it was like this unfortunately, says Peterson.

How does it feel to you ?

"Must land in this"

- Very, very boring of course. As I have known and said when I took office, this is the role of my life, to work with ambitious riders who want to be the best in the world. My life's job where unfortunately I could no longer stay.

But you could still finish in a good way ?

- Yes I think so. Then I am very keen that Lars (Selin) and Karin (Ersson) get a good start into this. I'll be there for another time and help them into this.

The decision was made at short notice. Now new challenges await him.

- I don't have so many other plans, I can try to shape them now but I have to land a little bit in this, it has been overwhelming so clearly.