J1 Tosu Torres “Thanks to the team that greeted me” retirement ceremony August 24, 10:02

Former Spanish national football team representative Fernando Torres of J1 Sagan Tosu faced the retirement ceremony held at the home stadium in Tosu City, Saga on the 23rd, and said goodbye to his 18 years of player life.

In June, Torres announced his retirement for the current season only, and the match against Vissel Kobe at Tosu City's home stadium was held on the 23rd.

After the game, a retirement ceremony was held while over 20,000 fans watched at the stadium, and Torres said, “My teammates greeted me with open arms and helped me a lot. Last year, the team was demoted. "I was grateful for how hard it was, but I was grateful."

After that, he said, “I will continue to work so that Sagan can become a champion in the J-League”, and in the future, he showed his intention to be involved in the development of young people as an advisor to Sagan.

After this, Torres bowed around the supporters of the stand and waved his hand to walk slowly around the stadium, and the supporters expressed gratitude and gratitude to the world's leading striker, Torres, with Sagan's cheer song I was telling.