LG Twins' right-handed pitcher Ryu, who has experienced the US professional baseball major league, has announced his retirement.

LG team today (23) "Ryu Empire announced yesterday to retirement, and the club agreed to accept it," he said, "Ryu Empire has been revived this year after a year of rehabilitation after back surgery last year. I recently decided to retire due to worsening condition. "

Ryu said through the team, "I am deeply grateful for receiving undeserved love from my fans during my career."

The Ryu Empire started the game before the Jamsil KIA Tigers on the 21st and gave up two hits and five hits and three runs, and grabbed early.

It was the last appearance of the "active pitcher" Ryu Empire.

Ryu entered the US with a contract of $ 1.6 million with the 2001 Chicago Cubs (2001-2006), who graduated from Deoksugo.

In 2006, after five years in the US, he made his major league debut against the Atlanta Braves.

He then went to Tampa Bay Races (2007-2009), San Diego Padres (2009), Cleveland Indians (2009) and Texas Rangers (2010) in 28 major league games. Recorded.

After returning to Korea in 2010 and completing military service as a public service employee, Ryu embarked on rehabilitation training with the help of LG, who nominated him for a special overseas assignment.

In January 2013, the Ryu Empire contracted LG with a contract of KRW550 million and an annual salary of 100 million won.

Ryu, who won 12 wins (2 losses, 3.87 ERA) in his first year at LG, won 46 wins in the KBO League until last year.

However, this year, after suffering from back injury, won 11 games and won only one win.

Ryu's overall KBO league performance is 136 games, 735 innings, 46 wins, 37 losses, and a 4.66 ERA.

(Photo = Yonhap News)