Cubs Darvish 4 hits, 7 hits, no wins or losses, August 22 14:19

Major League Baseball cubs Darvish pitcher started the game against Giants on the 21st, hit four home runs, collapsed to 7 goals in the middle of 6 times, and did not win or lose.

Darvish pitcher is 4 wins and 6 losses so far this season, and started on the 21st in the game against Giants held in Chicago on the 21st.

The Darvish pitcher was pre-empted by a two-run home run at one time, but on the other hand, the friendly batting line was immediately tied, and the second time the Darvish pitcher who entered the bat at the first and second base in the second time passed ahead of the left. I hit a hit.

The Darvish pitcher lost 5 strikeouts, including 4 in a row, from 2 to 4 times and did not give one runner. Was caught in a tie by taking a series of home runs from the beginning.

The Darvish pitcher got off the mound here, threw it halfway through six times, hit seven hits and four home runs, lost seven points, and won and lost.

In the game, Cubs won 12-11 and made four consecutive wins.