Twitterers reacted to the news of the death of Khalifa Mohammed Rashid bin Dafoos Al Muhairi, a famous cancer warrior, who described him as a source of inspiration for young people through his will and hope, despite his malignant disease.

Hashtag has been named # Khalifa_Dafoos, the trend Twitter as the most widely traded in the UAE, as chirps mourned Khalifa, calling for mercy and forgiveness.

The interaction with the tag was not confined to the singers in the UAE. Our condolences to your family and the brotherly people of your brother Walid Al Owais

The singer Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Badi tweeted: "God bless the Khalifa, which we did not know except because of his patience and struggle and gave hope to healthy people before the sick."

He also tweeted Ali bin Khasif, saying: "The knight got out of the horseback horse .. Deported victorious over the difficulties patient to inflict spread happiness and positive."