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“Maybe they would have scored even more without smoke”: what they said after the match “Spartak” - CSKA


Without smoke in the field, which arose in the middle of the second half due to the fires healed by the fans, Spartak could score CSKA even more. This was announced after the derby in the 6th round of the RPL by the red-white midfielder Zelimkhan Bakaev. The author of the winning double and the protagonist of the meeting, Samuel Gigot, called this game the most important event of his career. In turn, the general director of the army, Roman Babaev, lamented the moments that were not realized by the team.

“You can say the black bar is over”

The match between Spartak and CSKA in the framework of the 6th round of the RPL turned out to be really bright and did not leave indifferent the fans who came to the stadium that day. The main character of the derby was the French red-white defender Samuel Gigot who scored two goals, for whom this double was the first in his career.

"That was incredible. Of course, the most important thing is that they won. I am very happy that I managed to score. Our fans were great, and this success is for them. How did you manage to make such a breakthrough in the situation with the first goal? It can be said, this is intuition. It happened. But I'm glad, because in the end we scored. Of course, this is the biggest match for me. Yes, I managed to score twice, but first of all in the derby victory is important. Medical help in the end? There are no problems with the leg. Everything is in order, ”said Gigot on the TV channel“ Match Premier ”.

An excellent match was also held by the Frenchman’s center defense partner George Djikia, who, after the final whistle, was in a good mood.

“Everything went well! Everyone is happy to win, happy. This is a big celebration for Spartak, the player noted.

“What Kononov said during the break, we do not disclose. Nothing like that. Just made corrections, conclusions. They added, and it helped. Slightly turned the game around, began to play higher. Immediately there were moments, began to earn standards. And in the first half, we, in my opinion, had no corners at all, ”the defender summed up the results.

He also explained the reason for the high performance of Gigot, on whose account in the current season the RPL has already three goals - more than any of the partners.

“It is clear that Samuel loves to attack and knows how to do it. Again, he competently connected to the standard position, went into someone else's penalty area and scored. And so, all 11 people want to score. Gigot is the best player of the match today, ”added Jikia.

🔴⚪️📹 Red-white locker room after winning the derby # Spartak CSKA # power club / xZ5mfE4xvV

- FC Spartak Moscow (@fcsm_official) August 19, 2019

The captain of Spartak also said that a pause in the game due to smoke in the middle of the second half did not affect his team and answered the question why Zelimkhan Bakaev, who had recently doubled in two games in a row, was not very noticeable.

“Zelimkhan first had to play four matches in 11 days, so he had a hard time. I have already encountered something similar. But this also has its own buzz when you play both in the RPL and in the Europa League. It’s good to have so many matches. We are in a good mood to confront the “Braga,” Jikia explained.

Bakaev himself also rejoiced in the victory and told how “Spartak” managed to turn the tide of an unsuccessfully developing game.

“The emotions are the most positive, because they won a difficult but important victory. I managed to turn the game around by installing a coach. We entered the field already charged, and he said to us during the break, “Come on, come on, I can't!” They went out and deservedly won. In the second half, we ran ahead and created moments. As for the smoke, he did not bother us - he interfered with VAR. We were just not up to the smoke, to be honest. Maybe he helped Spartak, or maybe they would have scored even more without him, ”said the midfielder.

Bakayev also expressed the hope that the current winning streak of the team is only the beginning, and in the future the red and white will only add.

Spartak is already the fourth in the standings. Everything is ahead of us. We can say that the black line has passed, now we feel calmer. And off we go! Fans support us, no matter what, and it helps. The latest results speak for themselves, ”said the footballer.

In addition, the midfielder shared his impressions of the game side by side with the star German midfielder Andre Schurrle.

“We have a world champion on the edge! It’s a pleasure when you take the ball, and it is already next to you and helps. We are fortunate that such people play in a team. Andre is a world-class football player, it is not a problem for him to fit into the team. Now it’s a little easier for us to play, since there is Schurrle nearby. It helps when leaving the defense, and he is always ready to give the transfer, and to adapt to the pass. Jordan Larsson is also a football player of a very good level, he will still progress. This is not our maximum, we will show the games even stronger, ”concluded Bakaev.

“I've never experienced anything like it before”

Other newcomers to Spartak were also delighted with both the result and the atmosphere in the stands. So, after the match, Gus Til did not cease to admire what he saw.

“In the Netherlands there is no such atmosphere even in matches of large teams. I've never experienced anything like it before. The first half of the match was not very good in the performance of both teams, mostly casts went forward. But in the second half, we managed to play better, we created more moments and scored two wonderful goals, ”Til said in an interview with Spartak’s press service.

The Dutchman also told what Kononov said to the wards during the break of the match.

“The coach was a little angry, because long forward castings are not our style. Moreover, CSKA has many tall players who are able to compete on the “second floor”. He said that we need to start playing our football. Did the defender expect the game to be made? Perhaps it was in the spirit of a derby. Both Gigot and Jikia are wrestlers. They fight both in defense and in attack. So everything is natural, ”added Til.

In addition, the footballer told how he relates to numerous comparisons with the former head coach of the Russian national team, Guus Hiddink.

“I hope I can extend the glorious tradition of the Gus and with dignity support this name in Russia. I hope to be as successful here as Guus Hiddink, ”said Thiel.

But Esekiel Ponce, who missed the game due to disqualification and watched the match from the stands, after the final whistle admitted that he had lost a lot of nerve cells.

“The feeling is just unbelievable. Emotion overwhelmed, I wanted to drop everything, run out onto the field and help my team. Watching matches from the stands is the most annoying thing that can happen to a football player. But what to do, you need to serve your sentence. I am happy to have won. Victories in such matches go exactly this way when a team demonstrates character at the limit of its capabilities. Congratulations to all the guys, ”said Ponce.

Esekiel also compared the atmosphere in stadiums during the derby in Russia and in his homeland, in Argentina.

“The big matches in these countries are very similar in atmosphere. For today's support, I want to get up and applaud the fans. What they did for the team is incredible. I believe that their merit in the victory of Spartak is very great. The way they supported us today, sang, drove forward, is worth a lot. Thank you very much for your support. This is unforgettable, ”admitted Ponce.

An equally important event for the striker was the challenge to the Olympic team of Argentina, which came just the other day.

“They called me from the club and informed about it. I am happy with this turn of events. Many thanks to Spartak. I think it was only due to the transition to this club that they noticed me. I did my job, and it seemed interesting to the representatives of the national team. I was called, and now I will play not only for the club, but also for the national team. This is a very honorable, very big responsibility, ”summed up Ponce.

Perhaps the only footballer of Spartak, who after the derby had a reason for discontent, was Lorenzo Melgarejo. The fact is that the Paraguayan who came to replace him at the very end of the meeting did not realize a one-on-one approach.

“I am very glad to win, but it’s a pity that I couldn’t distinguish myself - I hurried, made the wrong decision. I’ve been here for seven years, but I have never scored CSKA. He scored everyone, except the army! This is a stone in my soul. Regarding the match with Braga, I played in Portugal for many years, but I never beat this team, ”complained the footballer.

Melgarejo also spoke about plans for the future, because most recently Kononov said that he did not count on the player.

“The transfer window is still open. I would really like to stay at Spartak, as I am happy here. I’m used to this team and love Russia. It will be sad if you have to leave, ”Lorenzo added.

  • Spartak midfielder Guus Til in an episode with CSKA players Igor Diveev and Ilzat Akhmetov
  • RIA News
  • © Alexey Kudenko

“The second half turned out to be the most interesting this season”

As for the CSKA players, for obvious reasons they did not feel like talking to reporters, so the club’s director general, Roman Babayev, had to puff out on them.

“I do not think that they failed in the second half. They made a fatal mistake, missed a counterattack. This is a derby, this happens. The fans liked the match and turned out to be quite spectacular. Our guys acted well, especially in the first half, but did not realize their moments. And in such matches, the team that misses their chances loses. Well, probably, they expected a little more from our leaders, ”the functionary summed up the game.

He was also dissatisfied with the large amount of pyrotechnics burned and emphasized that such behavior of fans does not paint Russian football. Babayev said a few words about possible newcomers to the team.

“The transfer window is still open, we will try. As for the failed transition of Danil Krugovoy, he already explained everything in his recent interview. Although it contradicts another interview, it happens, ”concluded the army general director.

Also, a lot of famous fans visited the match, among whom, for example, was a hockey player Evgeni Malkin, along with his wife, TV presenter Anna Kasterova.

Spartak are handsome. The second period was good. Do we believe in Kononov? Why are you asking me this? ”The athlete told reporters after the meeting.

The president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Arkady Dvorkovich, a big fan of Spartak, also attended the game.

“In the first half, CSKA looked clearly better, but in the second Spartak went ahead. Schurrle, of course, sets the tone for attacks. CSKA fought worthy. Both clubs will fight for the highest places. What do I think about burnt pyrotechnics? I am generally against her. You never know which way the wind will blow, ”Dvorkovich summed up the meeting.

He praised the former deputy chairman of the Russian government and the game of goalkeepers of both teams.

“Igor Akinfeev, of course, is much more experienced than Alexander Maksimenko and made a little more saves than a colleague. But in the missed episodes, he had no chance. Maksimenko, probably, could have saved, but the shell after the blow of Mario Fernandez took off because of three defenders. And both goalkeepers played perfectly, ”said Dvorkovich.

In turn, the honorary president of the Russian Olympic Committee and the first deputy chairman of the State Duma, Alexander Zhukov, was delighted with the derby, but found reason to criticize Spartak.

“Good game, interesting. She even exceeded expectations. After the first half, there was no feeling that Spartak could win. And in the second, the hosts already played perfectly. Probably, CSKA was a little "suspended", this is the impression. In general, the second half turned out to be the most interesting this season. Gigot is amazing. Samuel could have made a hat-trick, but Akinfeev made a save. I don’t know if the central defender has ever made a hat-trick in the history of Russian football. He, of course, had an outstanding match. How do I feel about the idea of ​​transferring Gigot to attack. Let him be our secret weapon, ”the Championship quotes Zhukov.

At the same time, in the composition of red and white, he especially highlighted Schurrle.

“Andre is certainly the best player of the match, despite the fact that Gigot scored twice. Maksimenko also played perfectly. Spartak spent the second half very well. After the break, the red-white began to play normally in a pass, go out of defense. The first acted on the lights out. Spartak should add as long as he does it in segments. The team is able to play at a good level, ”added Zhukov.

Finally, another goal guest of the match was the former Spartak goalkeeper Wojciech Kowalewski, to whom the fans of the team are still very respectful. After the meeting, he talked about his impressions of the derby, in which he himself repeatedly participated.

“In the first half, I would single out Maksimenko, and throughout the game - a couple of defenders in the person of Jikia and Gigot. They played very well. They not only looked cool in defense, but also showed that they know how to connect to attacks. Gigot, for example, made a cool breakthrough in the situation with the first goal, ”said Kowalewski.

“In general, the game turned out to be very intense, the teams played at a good pace. I think the fans were satisfied, ”he added.

Journalists also asked the former goalkeeper to give advice to the current goalkeeper of red-white Maksimenko.

“It is difficult to do this when you observe a person from a distance. Around him there are enough trainers and advisers who Maximenko can really help. The main thing is that he continued to work on himself with a cold head. With the goalkeeper qualities that Alexander possesses, he needs to learn how to recover emotionally after such games. I am sure that in the next game Spartak will show open football. The team has a lot of potential in attack. Everything is moving for the better! ”Added Kowalewski.

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