Beginners Dynamo in the start and Djordjevic on the bench

The sixth round of the RPL gave the fans two Moscow derby at once. In the foreground was the confrontation between Spartak and CSKA, but the meeting between Dynamo and Lokomotiv intrigued no less.

First, a blue-and-white victory was needed more than ever. They started the season far from the best way and scored only five points in five meetings. It is not surprising that such results led to rumors about the possible resignation of Dmitry Khokhlov's coaching staff, given that the club had strengthened quite well in the summer and declared the task to fight for getting into European competitions.

Lokomotiv started much more confidently, and in the last match it completely defeated the Urals without a chance, sending four goals into the opponent’s goal. Yuri Syomin's wards added chances and unsuccessful statistics for Derby for Dynamo. The fact is that the blue and white did not beat Lokomotiv for six years - since 2013. However, returning to the home stadium gave hope to the Khokhlov team, because in the last match at the old Dynamo in 2008, the hosts won - 4: 2, and Khokhlov scored one of the goals.

However, none of the participants in that meeting was left in the teams. But on the eve of the next match, both clubs intensified. “Dynamo” last week signed immediately two newcomers - Maximilian Philip and Roman Neustedter. As a result, both were at the start. The naturalized footballer of the Russian national team in the base zone replaced the disqualified Arthur Yusupov, and the German was located under the striker instead of Kirill Panchenko. On the left flank came another rookie - Clinton N'Zhye. At the gate of the injured Anton Shunin was replaced by Igor Leshchuk.

Lokomotiv, on the other hand, could present Luka Georgievich acquired from Zenit to the public, but the Montenegrin, as expected, remained on the bench, and at the tip Semin released Fyodor Smolov, who started to score. The rest of the coaching staff did without surprises.

Philip’s successful debut and inert Lokomotiv

Many expected that the guests will start the match as the favorite more actively, but in reality Dynamo players unexpectedly literally crushed the opponent from the first minutes. Before the fight started, Clinton N'Zhye on the left edge of the penalty forced to break Dmitry Barinov’s rules on himself. Philippe undertook to fulfill the standard. Most of the fans assumed that the serve would follow, but the German unexpectedly struck into the near corner, and Marinato Guillerme was not ready for this, and the ball with a rebound from the Russian Brazilian flew into the net.

And this was not the last dangerous episode with Maximilian. Despite the fact that there is no talk of any teamwork with partners yet, the striker cut the opponent’s defense a couple of times with excellent assists and also demonstrated outstanding technique.

So, in one of the episodes, Philip almost brought N'Zhye one on one. Clinton was also very active and not on the left flank literally tortured his guardian Vladislav Ignatiev. Ramil Sheydaev was also good, who performed a large amount of rough work and collected many rebounds.

But the “Locomotive” in the first half did not show anything. The team’s attack line was virtually inactive, and Leshchuk openly missed the goal. But the railroad helped to recoup a sloppy game by Vladimir Rykov. The captain of the hosts in the tackle cut down Grzegorz Krychowiak, and the judge pointed to the "point".

Alexei Miranchuk had to be beaten twice, as the referee canceled the first attempt, and in both cases the player was accurate - 1: 1. By the way, it was at the Dynamo stadium that the midfielder just recently twice upset Zenit in the Super Bowl match.

But in general, the blue and white in the first half looked more interesting and had moments in order to come forward. For example, N'Zhye after the next transfer of Philip struck directly into the hands of Guillerme. And then the goalkeeper himself almost organized an extremely curious goal, knocking the ball right into Benedict Höwedes. Fortunately for the guests, the ball passed by.

The nature of railway workers and saves Leshchuk

But in the second half, the drawing of the game changed, and already Lokomotiv seized the initiative. Apparently, the team was helped by a conversation with Semin during the break. In addition, the Dynamo leaders began to tire. As a result, the blue and white switched to the game with the second number.

At the same time, the rivals acted without the center of the field and quickly fled to double-edged attacks. But more points were nevertheless created by the railroad workers. However, Leshchuk, who, on the whole, had a quality game, prevented them from going ahead.

At the very beginning of the second half, Igor pulled the ball out of the corner after a magnificent hit by Anton Miranchuk from the free kick. A couple of times Leshchuk also coped with quite unpleasant shots from outside the penalty area.

Realizing that the game was slipping away, Khokhlov made two substitutions at once and released Miguel Cardozo and Ivan Ordets on the field. True, the latter entered the game only because of an injury to Tony Shunich. Thus, the Ukrainian footballer made his debut in the railway.

After that, the game leveled a little, and it seemed that the match would end in a draw, all the more rivals were seriously tired. But Syomin was clearly not happy with the peaceful outcome, and in the end he decided to refresh the line of attack. Instead of Smolov, the debutant Georgievich finally entered the field.

As a result, the castling helped the railway workers squeeze the opponent, although the Montenegrin himself took part in the scoring episode only indirectly. However, the team had an excellent quick attack, and Rifat Zhemaletdinov put Anton Miranchuk on strike, who did not miss his chance and scored the fifth goal against Dynamo.

Here guests could put an end to the derby, but Leshchuk at the last moment was interrupted by the cunning lumbago of Alexei Miranchuk to Zhemaletdinov. In a retaliatory attack, N'Zhye burst into the penalty area on dribbling, but once again delayed with a blow and allowed the defender to neutralize himself.

Dynamo failed to win back, and the blue and white suffered a third defeat of the season. “Loco” won the character in the match, which was developing for the wards of Semin very difficult. And again, the Miranchuk brothers brought success in red and green.