Mariners Kikuchi first closed victory in the Major League August 19th 5:55

Major League Baseball Mariner's pitcher Yusei Kikuchi started the game against Blue Jays on the 18th.

On the 18th, Kikuchi pitcher started in the match against Blue Jays in Toronto, Canada.

Pitcher Kikuchi did not step on the Blue Jays batting line with careful pitching that gathered straight and changing balls from the start, and it was a perfect content that no one runner would be out from 6th to 9th.

Pitcher Kikuchi threw 96 balls nine times, took only two hits, took eight strikeouts, and transferred to the major leagues for the first time.

It has been a winning star since June 23rd, and the total result was 5 wins and 8 losses.

The game was won by Mariners 7-0.