Zinedine Zidane regained her smile in the Balaidos press room when asked if the team needed another midfielder, in clear reference to Paul Pogba . The French coach responded, after the laugh, with an interesting and resigned "we are going to get along with the players we have". With the players he has, his Madrid was able to solve a difficult commitment in a field "in which I do not believe that many will be able to win," as summarized by the coach, who praised "solidarity, work and effort defensive "of yours. "We had a difficult preseason at the level of results but good at the level of work, this is the result of that. The competition was what mattered and starting this way is very good," he explained, while acknowledging that they knew " suffer "after the expulsion of Luka Modric , the first of the Croatian footballer in the League and the second as a white player, after leaving the field early during the 2014 Spanish Super Cup against Atlético de Madrid.

The red at the last Golden Ball surprised everyone. To the 22 players who were in the field, to the stands, who did not know what was happening, and to a Estrada Fernández who went to consult the VAR screen when they notified him about the pinganillo. There he saw a stomp behind the Croatian Celtic Denis Suarez who, according to the changes in the rules of the game for the 2019-2020 season, is considered punishable with the maximum penalty: "The faults behind (to the Achilles tendon) will be punished with red card ", reads the new circular. Modric, the fourth player since the use of the VAR that without having been reprimanded is expelled after the referee's review, left Balanced cariacontecido, but Madrid was even better with one less player. Better, even, when Toni Kroos got out of the right boot "a great goal", as Courtois summed up. Somewhat that reassured Madrid and sank Celta: "Sometimes an expulsion favors the team that suffers because they play more together," tried to argue the sky coach, Fran Escribá .

Kroos's shot at the squad was his 14th goal as a Real Madrid player in 234 games, the fifth he does to Celta, a fetish rival. The German saw no door since last November 7 in the Champions League against Viktoria Plzen. Vigo can also be your rebirth. And it might not be the only one. If there is a player who will return to the capital in a different situation than a few days ago, it is Gareth Bale . From pointed to white Salvador with two great cuts to Kevin Vázquez to assist Benzema in the first goal merengue in the League. The Welshman was the best of those of Zidane in the first part, demonstrating that with spaces and against is a differential player. "Bale is going to stay," the French coach replied flatly. "It is profitable. Nothing has changed in his work. Now we have to think only about the season and I think everyone thinks about staying and playing." Zidane had to include Bale for Hazard's injury - "bad luck for us" - but despite the Belgian's absence, he left Vigo happy: "Until now we had played at times, today we did very well."

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