Summer Koshien Rokushosha wins Takaoka Commerce to the quarterfinals August 17th 11:32

The national high school baseball in summer was held on the 11th day of the tournament, and in the first match, Osaka's Nadashosha High School won 9-4 against Toyama's Takaoka Commercial and advanced to the quarterfinals for the first time in summer.

On this occasion, Nadashosha won three hits, collecting four hits this time, including Captain No. 7, Noguchi Kaon's two-point time lease three base hit. After that, the points were steadily added, and in the sixth round, the batter of professional attention, No. 4, Hirohiro Inoue, the second home run of this tournament, decided the game.

This is the first quarter-final advance at Koshien in the summer, with Nukashosha, who has demonstrated the strength of the batting line, winning 9-0 4 against Takaoka Commercial. On the other hand, Takaoka Commerce showed tenacious points such as returning 2 points to 9 times, which was 7 points behind, but it did not reach the quarterfinal for the first time in 72 years.