A spokesman for Barcelona, ​​that the club has settled on the departure of Brazilian star Coutinho, from the Camp Nou even for one season on loan, and certainly comes in preparation for Barcelona's desire to sign his other Brazilian team mate Neymar, and pointed out that the Catalan club officially agreed with Bayern Munich The German, on the transfer of Brazilian Felipe Coutinho to the latter, on loan.

Barcelona have reached a "preliminary agreement" to loan Brazilian player Felipe Coutinho to Bayern Munich, according to Fermo Amor, director of relations at the Catalan club.

The spokesman told the network "Movistar La Liga": "We can confirm that we have a preliminary agreement to loan Coutinho to Bayern and therefore we have to complete the process."

Coutinho was not in the squad to face Athletic Bilbao on Friday in the opening of the first phase of the Spanish league for the 2019-2020 season, according to "Agence France Presse".

Bayern entered the negotiating line to sign Coutinho, surprisingly, last week, taking advantage of Barcelona's desire to move the player outside the club, in preparation for the arrival of compatriot Neymar.

Coutinho has suffered a lot since moving to Barcelona from Liverpool in early 2018 and has been unable to prove himself next to Argentine star Lionel Messi.