Angels Otani 7 consecutive hits August 17th 15:38

Major League Baseball Angels Shohei Otani hit a timely Uchino hit in the White Sox match on the 16th, extending his consecutive game hit to 7.

Otani, who has been hit with multiple hits in three consecutive games, participated in the White Socks match at the headquarters in Anaheim on the 16th as a third-named hitter.

The first bat at the first time was a chance for a no-out first and second shot, and the player swung down to the second strike at three times. A timely Uchino hit was made, and seven consecutive games were hit, and the hit points were raised.

The 5th third batter was a left fly, the 7th 4th batter was a second goro, and Otani was one hit with one hit in this game, with a batting average of 20% and 9 minutes.

The game lost Angels 2-7.