Not even the biggest Real Madrid fan could have dreamed of winning as his team won in Vigo. Even with one player less and with Bale holder. Did Zidane go crazy?

A serious Madrid, fearful of the god of football, excellently placed, with commitment, with shame to try to remedy the catastrophe of the beginning of the season. It is more than possible that the idea of ​​getting three points out of his odious rival of the League caused a storm of illusions, of hopes.

Everything could go to waste, the miracle of partial resurrection, with the unforgivable mistake of Odriozola , which is not the first of similar characteristics. And much worse with the unfair and false expulsion of Modric , who had no time to remember the Achilles heel of Denis .

Interestingly, with the absence of Modric, the team even resurfaced more of its pre-season ashes. The sensational goal of Kroos helped a lot. Something that is not repeated more than Madrid would like. From there, a mentally and physically diminished Celtic, seemed to play with one less, gave in and gave up. It looked amazing. The seriousness of Madrid prevailed. Your solidarity as a whole, as a reasonable team, without cheating with selfishness.

However, Madrid was a scratch in the game, always played crouched in almost all the set. Despite the goal of Benzema and the mood advantage. But it is that the Celtic was brio and brilliance with Denis and Iago Aspas . Of course, with excessive acceleration. A tachycardic Celtic and somewhat violent. But if he wanted to beat the demoralized Real Madrid he had no other variety.

You know I don't talk about Bale. Let the soccer paratroopers speak. There are details that did not like in Madrid. The horrible game of Odriozola, the growing low form of Modric and the confirmation that Vinicius is just a mirage in the desert called football.

Great performance of Courtois , which may be the ultimate goal, even with the suspicions of Keylor Navas . Also a focused Casemiro , who still has the helm that Zidane gave him a long time ago.

It is the French coach who must still be quarantined. Or is it a genius or an amoral, given the presence of Welsh in the starting team. Surprisingly, it went well, but it was the fear of perpetual failure that helped his provisional exit from hell. As he said, this has just begun and Celta was not Athletic Bilbao. Although madridista gets angry.

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