At that time Johnny Kroon ran 1500 meters 34 years ago.

It was a time that was the Swedish record, until Kalle Berglund ran less than two weeks ago at 3.36.04 in Swiss Bern.

"Heaven nice"

But the new record would not last as long. At the Gothenburg GP tonight he broke his new record - and ran for 3.34.89. In addition to a new Swedish record, there was also 1.11 below the World Cup qualifying limit, and next year's Olympic qualifying limit.

- So pretty, he exclaimed in SVT Sport, a few minutes after the race, and continued shortly thereafter:

- I felt in Bern, when I had to pull the last 700 myself, that I could have run faster a good day. So it was nice to get to it properly.

- I've had this capacity for a while. So to get this in Gothenburg for the home crowd, it was wonderful!

"What confidence!"

SVT Sports expert Kajsa Bergqvist was also impressed with her.

- What confidence he runs with! And what pressure he has in his legs! This moves him to a completely different level as a 1500 meter runner, she exclaimed, while Berglund cheered wildly and was widely praised by a euphoric audience.