Angels Otani 3 hits, consecutive hits 16 August, 16:20

Major League Baseball Angels Shohei Otani hit two hits in the White Sox match on the 15th, marking multiple hits for three consecutive games.

Otani has been doing well, recording multiple hits four times in the last five games. On the 15th, in the 3rd White Sox match at the headquarters in Anaheim, No. 3 was the first hitter.

Otani once caught the first ball at the first bat that was greeted by one out, and hit a two-base hit that exceeded the head of the left, extending the consecutive game hit to “6”. With this hit, the chances were expanded and led to the team's first goal.

In the second bat at the 3rd time, the ball of the outer corner was carried in front of the light and came out with two consecutive hits, marking multiple hits for three consecutive games.

After this, the 5th third batting is a scene of no-out first and second basement, and the third batting is out of timing with a changing ball and the third batting is the second batting in the fourth batting stage that is greeted with a 3-point lead. However, he met with an error in defending his opponent, and the following batter hit a three-run home run, leading to additional points.

Eight times at the fifth batter went around in a two-out scene, but it was a light fly.

Otani got 5 hits in this game, 2 hits, and his batting average increased to 20%, 9 minutes and 6 km.

The game was won by Angels 8-7.