In Istanbul, at the Vodafon Arena stadium, the match for the UEFA Super Cup has ended. Liverpool only in a penalty shootout managed to break the resistance of Chelsea and take their first trophy of the season. Thus, the wards of Jürgen Klopp were able to partially rehabilitate themselves before their fans for an insulting defeat in the English Super Cup from Manchester City.

Given Chelsea’s devastating capitulation in the English Premier League first round match against Manchester United, Liverpool approached this meeting as a favorite. However, the first half was extremely inexpressive, and as a result it was inferior in the long run. Team coach Jürgen Klopp had to turn to the services of Roberto Firmino. As a result, the Brazilian participated in both scoring combinations of his team, and also accurately performed his kick in the 11-meter series.

“We took a big risk - Bobby (Firmino. - RT ) is different from other representatives of this role. We did not plan to release it for a long time - he missed the preseason, but we needed to introduce him into the game. This match required the mobilization of all forces. We understand that in the future we need to become better in many aspects, and we will do it, ”Klopp said at the post-match press conference.

The German mentor emphasized the fact that, despite the not very good quality of football, his team managed to achieve a final victory. At the same time, he separately noted the merit of the goalkeeper.

“Where was Adrian when we fought with Manchester City?” The goalkeeper coach said he needed time to get in shape. He didn’t have it, but today he was very good, ”said Klopp.

Adrian joined the Liverpool squad in the summer of 2019 and was considered solely as a replacement for the team’s main goalkeeper Alison Becker. However, the Brazilian unsuccessfully introduced the ball into the game in the match of the first round of the Premier League with Norwich and will now miss from four to six weeks due to an injury. In light of this, the Spaniard got a chance to prove himself, and a few days later he helped his new team to win the UEFA Super Cup.

“He was good on the field, but also was a real ringleader in the locker room. Perhaps during the break he was louder than me. He deserved it. The Spaniard had a terrific time spent these 120 minutes, and Adrian’s save in the penalty shootout became a cherry on the cake, ”the gate guard Klopp praised.

This match for the UEFA Super Cup will go down in history not only thanks to the brilliant rescue of Adrian and the first victory of Liverpool in 14 years, but also the debut of the female referee. The opposition of the English giants served Stephanie Frappar and brilliantly carried out her work. For all 120 minutes, the judge did not make a single significant mistake and aroused admiration from Klopp.

“After the match, he told them that if we played as they judged, we would have won with a score of 6: 0. They had a great meeting. They were very good. At this historic moment, they were under great pressure, but they remained calm and did what they should ... I express Stefani Frappar the greatest respect, ”concluded Klopp.

Unlike his counterpart, Frank Lampard is just starting his career in the coaching field and is still experiencing serious problems. In the first two official matches of the season Chelsea were defeated. At the same time, the specialist himself admitted that after this meeting he experiences much more pleasant emotions than after a devastating defeat from Manchester United.

“I feel that we were stronger - bad luck and completion problems that we need to work on are to blame. Overall, happy and proud of our game. I don’t like to concede - we wanted to win, but today, fortune was not on our side, ”Lampard said.

The newly minted blue admitted that in this match he saw progress in the game of his wards, and also paid tribute to the current winner of the Champions League.

“It was a very good performance in a match with a team that had been building for years. Today I saw what I want to observe in the future - work ethics and desire, the way we held the ball, moved, broke through the defenses of the opponent. I think every football player gave his best, ”said the head coach.

At the same time, Lampard particularly noted the performance of N'Golo Kante. The central midfielder missed the match with the “Red Devils” due to health problems, but in a meeting for the UEFA Super Cup he proved that he is an indispensable base player.

“Kante is an incredible footballer. He is a shy guy, but on the field - a real car. He didn’t train so much, two days ago his ankle was swollen, but he played all 120 minutes. We saw what he brought to the team’s actions. Delighted with working with him. It will be very important for us, ”said Lampard.

At the same time, Tammy Abraham took on the unofficial title of the main anti-hero. In the course of the meeting, the young striker did not use several excellent moments, and in the penalty shootout he became the only player who failed to send the ball into the net.

“The fact that he wanted to perform the fifth hit in the series speaks of his confidence. I found myself in similar situations - I went to execute a penalty and did not score. Abraham will return stronger. This is part of what it means to be a top-level footballer, ”Lampard added.

After the match, the Chelsea players were too upset to communicate with the media, so they answered questions exclusively by triumphs. Despite the victory, Liverpool defender Virgil van Dyck expressed the opinion that the team needs to seriously work on themselves.

“At the beginning of the second half, they looked good, put pressure on them and created good moments. We need to analyze this (performance in the match. - RT ), and be better in future meetings. I am very glad that Adrian repelled that last blow. Before that, I told him that he could become a hero today, ”said Van Dyck BT Sport.

At the same time, the hero of the episode himself admitted that he was delighted with the beginning of his career at the Merseyside Club.

“Welcome to Liverpool.” It was a crazy week. Very happy for the team, fans, happy to play for the team. It was a long meeting, but it all ended well, ”Adrian admitted.

According to Red Captain Jordan Henderson, tensions in the meeting added to the weather in Istanbul.

"This was hard. It's wet here, and given the extra time, it was very difficult ... Fortunately, we won. I am very happy for Adrian, ”the midfielder said.