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Tips for tuning the car on this August bridge


The time has come for vacations or for a long journey. The desire you have is immense but before you put feet in dusty you have to pass an exam. The student, you c

The time has come for vacations or for a long journey. The desire you have is immense but before you put feet in dusty you have to pass an exam. The student, your car. When was your last visit to the workshop? Do the tires have the correct pressure? Is it well maintained?

In the video that illustrates this news you can take note of a series of tips that will help you avoid scares and other inconveniences. With the crisis, old and less safe cars in circulation increased, so it is essential to ensure a smooth operation in a workshop. These are the key points that you should keep in mind according to the Race :

Air conditioner

Key element for the safety in the routes in summer because it helps to maintain the correct temperature of the cabin, something essential to avoid fatigue. If it does not cool quickly, it may be time to change the filter or charge the refrigerant gas.

It is also possible that the compressor is broken or that there is a problem in the pipes of the ventilation system. It is advisable to put a sun visor when we leave the car parked on the street, since it can reduce the temperature a few degrees and allow you to connect the air with less intensity and spend less fuel.

Wiper washer

Although in summer the rains are less abundant it is essential that the windshield wiper is in good condition to face the storms and also to be able to remove the mosquitoes. Good visibility is essential for safe driving.


The element that puts the vehicle in contact with the ground, so it is very important to check them periodically to check their wear and always before starting a long journey. Worn tires do not guarantee a good grip, causing the braking distance to increase, among other problems.

It is also very important to check that they carry the recommended pressure. In summer it is not necessary to increase it, only in case the car is heavily loaded. Circulating with the wrong pressure causes premature wear and can produce dangerous blowouts.

Refrigeration system

It is important that the engine is well cooled. Before starting a trip it is advisable for a professional to check the condition of the radiator, of the sleeves, that there is no leakage of the coolant ... Some of these elements in poor condition can cause heating. Do not forget to check the oil level, you can do this yourself using the dipstick and fill the tank if necessary.

Brakes and shock absorbers

This piece regulates the rotation of the crankshaft, keeping it constant. The piece itself is not cheap, about 1,775, although it is not as expensive as others. The problem is that its breakdown requires a lot of time (approximately 12 hours), as it involves the disassembly and assembly of other elements of the distribution and the engine itself. We advise you to go to the workshop if you start to notice that it is getting harder and harder to get the gears, with vibrations in the clutch pedal.


Visibility is a key factor for safe driving, especially considering that 90% of the information we perceive behind the wheel comes to us through sight . Do not forget to check that all the lights of the car work correctly, especially if you are traveling at night: position, crossing, road, fog, brake and turn signal lights.

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