Liverpool's top scorer, Mohamed Salah, was surprised by previous comments by Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola, in which he considered that winning the Premier League title was more important than winning the Champions League.

Salah said that his team's continental achievement outweighed the league title in an interview with CNN: “Frankly, I didn't know Guardiola had said that! "But I think if he gets to choose between the domestic league and the Champions League, he will choose the latter."

Salah added: "This is my opinion, I am not talking about it but my opinion, it is the biggest football tournament so everybody seeks to win, every coach and every player dreams of the Champions League, certainly also the English league is a big thing, but the Champions League remains the biggest race."

Guardiola said that Manchester City's victory last season proves that he is the best team, and that the victory of Liverpool in the Champions League came with a stroke of luck.

After last season's hot season, Manchester City won the Premier League title by one point from Liverpool, and Guardiola saw off the continental quarter-final by Tottenham Hotspur.

The former Barcelona manager said: "The English league is always more important, the tournament continues, because it plays every week," but Salah believes that crowning a hero for Europe His dream "moment to win the title.