Mariners Kikuchi 4th time 5 goals and 5 wins, not 14th August 13:14

Major Leaguers, Mariners' pitcher Yusei Kikuchi started the game against the Tigers on the 13th and left the mound with 5 goals including 2 home runs until the middle of the 4th round.

Kikuchi pitcher went up to the 25th game starting mound this season in the match against Tigers in Detroit on the 13th.

Pitcher Kikuchi invited a two-out, two-and-a-third pinch once, but did not allow a score by keeping the batter in the swing.

In the first three runs, the team bounced a two-base hit to the top batter and then took one out at Uchino Goro, but was hit by a third-time hitter with a timely two-base. It was.

Four times just after the Mariners won 3: 1, the slider was carried to the light stand for the top batter.

In addition, a no-out first to 8th batter took a two-run home run and allowed a reversal of 3-4. After this, pitcher Kikuchi got off the mound when it was one out two and three bases.

Kikuchi pitcher had 9 hits, 3 hits, 1 foreball, 3 strikeouts, and 5 goals.

Since the team was reversed after this, it was not possible to win or lose pitcher Kikuchi, and it was not the fifth win since June 23rd. The game was won by Mariners 11-6.