Krasnodar sensationally beat Porto in the second leg of the Champions League qualifying round and will now compete for a ticket to the group stage. The success of the Russians, who were able to demonstrate their character and fortitude on the field, was noted not only by their fans, but also by experts, colleagues and even representatives of other sports.

One of the first wards of Murad Musaev was congratulated by the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratyev. He praised the team players for their qualities, and also noted that the victory was a real birthday present for club owner Sergei Galitsky, who is celebrating his 52nd birthday on August 14.

Krasnodar today showed what the will to win is, and continues to play in the Champions League! Three goals against Porto - confident revenge, also visiting. Worth it! Congratulations to the team, all the fans and the club owner! Victory is the best birthday present! ”, The politician wrote on Instagram.

Galitsky himself reacted to the resounding success. On his page on social networks, he published a photo of the team from the locker room, adding a couple of brackets to it, symbolizing smiles.


- Sergey Galitsky (@sergeygalitskiy) August 13, 2019

Experts identified several factors that played a decisive role in the match against Porto. So, the ex-midfielder of the Russian national team Vladimir Bystrov noted that the bronze medalist of the Russian championship chose an unusual tactic for himself, but this was what brought him victory.

“In this match, Krasnodar played a completely different football: they immediately started actively, scored quick goals. It was possible to score the fourth, but this did not happen, and the result was a nervous ending. As for the second half, the “Port” had to score, and Musaev wards - not to miss. The Portuguese have a well-coordinated team, but the Krasnodar suffered. They deservedly passed a strong rival, ”Sport24 quotes Bystrov as saying.

According to the honored trainer of the USSR Anatoly Byshovets, Krasnodar managed to draw the right conclusions from the home defeat a week ago.

“The victory over Porto is the result of an analysis of the home match and the confidence that players gain with every game. Despite the loss of Mauricio Pereira, Charles Cabore and the same Yuri Gazinsky, the selection is quite specific and meets the requirements of the team. I am very happy for Musaev and for Galitsky! In such a short period, everything worked out, this is an instructive example for those who are fond of illusions about foreign coaches and football players, ”Byshovets noted.

As part of the southerners, the expert especially noted Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov, who became the author of the double at the gates of the Portuguese. According to him, the striker is one of the best young football players in Russia.

“He has good psychological stability and an important feature inherent in gifted players is taking the initiative on himself. He’s not afraid to go into the stroke, perform risky attacks and does it all at a good performing level, ”Byshovets added.

A similar position was expressed by the USSR midfielder Yevgeny Lovchev. He emphasized that the team was able to cope with its task, despite serious problems in the front line.

“The mentor believed in Shapi, whom he mainly released for substitutions in the endings, and now he has entrusted him with a place in the base in such a match. And the game showed that Suleymanov was ripe for big things - he is a fast guy and is always aimed at the gate. The coaching move was justified - after all, Musaev is also growing with the team, ”Lovchev quotes“ Soviet Sport ”.

Former president of Moscow Spartak Andrei Chervichenko noted that the leadership and coaching staff of Krasnodar have chosen the right path for the development of the team, which led to the current success. According to him, the only thing that she currently lacks is the experience of performing in the international arena.

“Last year in the Europa League with“ Valencia ”missed in the last seconds, although it was only necessary to take the ball away and that's it. In the first game with Porto, almost the same story. And today in the last five minutes there was a panic from Krasnodar, and it’s good that everything ended in victory. But the “bulls” regularly timidly manifest themselves in the last minutes of important matches, we need to work on this, and then the team will be super in general, ”quoted Chervichenko Rusfootball.

In turn, Andrei Sozin, member of the ethics committee of the Russian Football Union (RFU), said that the southerners had an advantage over Porto, since they had already played seven matches since the start of the season, while their rival had only three.

“We often swear at the calendar and the“ autumn - spring ”system. But this was done for the sake of such tournaments to make our clubs easier to enter the European Cup season. Krasnodar had more time to prepare. Hence the victory, which proved that this transition was not in vain, ”the Championship expert quotes the words.

For a ticket to the group stage of the Champions League, Musaev’s wards will compete with the Greek Olympiacos. Former Russian midfielder Andrei Tikhonov suggested that the Russians will not have problems in this confrontation.

“If you build on the football that Matveyev’s wards showed in the first half in Portugal, they have nothing to fear. The main thing is to have enough strength, ”Tikhonov said.

At the same time, according to Bystrov, both teams have equal chances of reaching the next stage. In this regard, much will depend on the people of Krasnodar themselves.

“If they play the same way as today in the first half, then there will be no problems with Olympiacos.” And if so, as at home - carefully and afraid, then they will have problems. Everything is in their hands and feet, they felt how to play, and how not to. And already in Krasnodar, the Greeks will have a very difficult time, ”the expert concluded.

Bookmakers have already announced their forecasts regarding the outcome of the confrontation between Krasnodar and Olympiakos. According to their calculations, the probability of the southerners entering the group stage of the Champions League is 55%.

The rivals of the team in the Russian Premier League (RPL) Zenit and Rostov, as well as the press service of the Football National League (FNL), also joined the congratulations of Krasnodar. In turn, UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov praised Suleymanov for his successful performance.