The Spanish press has highlighted the preparation period for the new season of La Liga, which starts on Friday in the match against Athletic Bilbao against Barcelona, ​​revealing that Real Madrid was the worst team in terms of results.

Newspapers have assessed the level of each team - especially the trio of Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid - according to the results of friendly matches that showed disastrous results for the king, raise doubts about his ability to get out of his repression since last season.

Marca reported that Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane brought the team into tactical chaos, which was the direct cause of disastrous results, most notably his historic friendly defeat at Atletico Madrid 3-7, which the newspaper described as "stigma".

She said that the team's last defeat to AS Roma raised their pre-season friendly defeat to five defeats in seven games, during which he conceded a number of goals incompatible with the name of the Grand Royal (18 goals).

The Spanish newspaper "AS" that the results of the Royal in the preparation period was the worst ever of all teams in the Spanish football league, noting that Barcelona lost only in one game against Chelsea, while Atletico Madrid never lost where he won all his games except a draw One in front of the Chivas team.

Granada were the best La Liga teams in the run-up to the competition, with all seven of their friendly matches over Reading, Cayenne, Alcorcon, Almeria, Real Valladolid, Las Palmas and Sevilla.