Fans of "Zenith"

Fans of the country's champions, as well as in the last round, again appeared on the front pages of sports media. During the trip to the capital, representatives of the Nevsky Front were able to distinguish themselves twice, while demonstrating polar behavior.

Initially, football fans from the cultural capital surprised everyone with their choice of performance for a match with a principled rival. With the starting whistle at the Dynamo stadium in the guest sector, the usual banner with a formidable appeal to his team did not unfold, but the whole installation with tragic overtones.

"Zenith" in memory of the "Kursk"

- Kseniia Rakhnovskaia (@xx_Xenon_xx) August 10, 2019

Blue-white-blue honored the memory of those killed in the Kursk nuclear submarine, which crashed on August 12, 2000. Fans depicted not only Kursk itself, but also the sea, which was formed from blue flags, and also stretched across the sector the words of the famous Lyube song “There Behind the Fogs”, which they later performed instead of the traditional Zenith anthem.

However, after an hour of playing time, fans from St. Petersburg noted a violation of the rules of conduct at the stadium. One of the fans ran out onto the lawn and headed towards the Dynamo fan stand, showing indecent gestures while running.

Zenith fan on the field!

- Danila Ignatov (@DanilaIgnatov) August 10, 2019

The intruder was promptly stopped by the stadium workers, but his unexpected appearance still knocked down the rhythm of the game.

A compliment from an opponent

Mentor “Rubin” Roman Sharonov deservedly claims to be the most discussed coach at the beginning of the season. At a minimum, the behavior and personality of the 42-year-old specialist do not leave indifferent fans, journalists or rivals.

Sharonov conquered the league with his unconventional approach to working with the team. He compares the game of football players with concerts of Metallica, every time after the match he speaks in front of them with a solemn speech and, despite a number of problems that arose after leaving Kurban Berdyev’s club, he was able to quickly turn his Rubin into a strong fighter.

“What you do is very cool.”

© ️ @sergeygalitskiy after the match # / 0umIUuv4ML

- Rubin Kazan (@fcrk) August 10, 2019

In Krasnodar, Kazan suffered a second defeat of the season, however, the owner of a local club, Sergey Galitsky, after a game hastened to the guest locker room to praise his debut coach for playing his team.

Spectacular miss

The star newcomer of Zenit Malkom has not yet won the trust of Sergei Semak and is trying his hand at the new team, coming on as a substitute. But even in the time allotted to him, the Brazilian attracts the attention of fans.

In the second half of the meeting with Dynamo, the ex-midfielder of Barcelona scored during a pause. Malcolm sent the ball to the place from which the game was supposed to resume, and from 40 meters hit the main referee of the meeting Evgeny Turbin.

The referee writing down something in a notebook raised his eyes and showed the Brazilian the thumb of his right hand, although initially it was difficult to determine by the expression on the face of the judge that the hit made a positive impression on him.

Malcolm charged the judge with a ball from forty meters. Someone, show the reaction of the referee Tarantino. It is perfect 😬

- Match TV (@MatchTV) August 10, 2019

The curious moment was not left without attention. A video posted on RPL social networks with the caption “We can’t choose which is better, Turbine’s reaction or Malcom’s strike” instantly became popular and gathered several tens of thousands of views.

Chic shot of Malcolm, everyone saw. The moment has come to show #What was Next 😉

- FC Zenit 🌊 (@zenit_spb) August 11, 2019

Later, the discussion of Malcolm’s strike was joined at Zenit. The press service of the champions of Russia showed what was left overs. In particular, the reaction of Artyom Dziuba. Forward showed a teammate an invisible yellow card and made a violation in a fictional notebook.

Red-blue spa mood and new Loko fan

The capital CSKA continues to delight its fans with an original approach to organizing home matches. A few days before the meeting with Sochi, club television released a preview urging all football fans to relax after a hard office week and feel like they were on vacation without leaving the capital.

The leadership of the army team fulfilled its promise. The area around the stadium has truly turned into a real seaside zone. Fans could relax in a large pool with balloons, play beach volleyball, and also taste watermelons, melon, boiled corn and churchkhela.

The weather did not disappoint. The thunderstorm front receded on Sunday, and the air temperature exceeded 20 ° C for the first time in several days.

Congratulated one of Loko’s many-year-old fans on the birth of their son Fedor on the club’s 97th birthday.
Feda was presented with red-green sliders with the application of real football players, toys and the right to attend Lokomotiv home games for life 🎁 # / Ao7i2iZpwV

- FC Lokomotiv (@fclokomotiv) August 11, 2019

An unusual pre-match program was prepared by another metropolitan club - Lokomotiv. Red and green greeted a new fan in the square in Cherkizovo - the newborn son of one of the faithful and devoted fans of the railway workers. As a gift from the club, the kid received branded sliders and the right to visit the team’s home games for life.

Emotions over the edge

The capital's Spartak went on a visit to its former captain Denis Glushakov, who changed the capital's registration to Grozny. Experts and fans expected the development of a new round of conflict between the midfielder and some active fans from the match in the capital of Chechnya, but the game went without serious incidents involving the guest rostrum.

Glushakov himself did not add fuel to the fire. Akhmata midfielder said he did not attach importance to meeting with his former team.

“For me, all matches are important. I prepare for everyone the same way, ”Glushakov said on the Match Premier television channel.

Against the background of the relative calm of the stands, real passions boiled on the field. Muscovites removed all questions about the winners long before the final whistle and partly provoked the hosts to unjustified rudeness.

Akhmata striker Ablai Mbeng, who entered the field, helped the team avoid defeat by scoring the ball with a score of 0: 3. However, almost immediately, the Nigerian turned into an antihero, earning two yellow cards in a row for a conflict with Spartak captain Georgy Jikia and the subsequent foul on him.

After removal to the address of the main referee of the meeting, Alexei Sukhoi, an insult was heard on the speakerphone of the stadium.

Immediately after the match, Akhmat issued an official statement dismissing the guilty employee. As it turned out, the representative of the club’s press service Rizvan Edilsultanov, who had access to the announcer’s stadium, gave vent to emotions. Later, he repented of his deed and apologized to the arbitrator.

“I saw ugly refereeing and could not cope with emotions. Now I realize my mistake. If there was an opportunity to return at that moment, I would not repeat this. Due to a stupid mistake, he lost his job, which I loved madly. I want to apologize to the arbitrator as a person. It’s my fault that I insulted a person, ”Sport Express quotes Edilsultanova.