Aiming for "de-gogo" Kumamoto Kogyo Take a step towards the strongest revival on August 10 at 20:01

Kumamoto Kogyo is a school that comes to mind as one of the traditional schools in the summer Koshien, which has a history of over 100 years. The grand stage for the first time in six years was extended 12 times, and the first game was overtaken by Tamio Yamaguchi, the 21st player in history. In the background, there was a strong feeling that the new director who was just appointed to the “powerful revival”.

Sayonara bullet decided in 12 times extension

First round with Yamanashi Gakuin. It was the Sayonara Home Run that Kumamoto Kogyo No. 7 Yamaguchi brought to the back screen energetically.

The dramatic victory is the 30th victory in the summer Koshien. Director Tajima Yusuke, who was just inaugurated in April, cheered with joy, saying, “My head turned white.

The first time in six years

The kanji for “Kumako” is in gray uniforms. Kumamoto Kogyo, which has been a fan of Koshien since the pre-war secondary baseball era, is the 42nd Koshien since its first appearance in the summer of Showa 7 and the second place of the tournament.

“Strike” is a traditional team color, and OB is known as “bullet liner” in the active era and achieved V9 as a giant director, and so on. Have names.

However, Koshien in the summer was the only stage for the first time in 6 years, with the rise of Shudakekan and Kyushu Gakuin, etc. for the last 10 years, and only two appearances.

With the young OB director's “persistent baseball”

The 38-year-old, director of Tajima, is in charge of Kumamoto Industry. I am an OB of Kumamoto Industry.

In the summer of 1996, when I was a third-year junior high school student, I looked at the final with Matsuyama Commerce, where the play called “miracle back home” is still talked about. "I want to go out and play an active part," he says.

I became an ace from the second grade, but I couldn't step on the grounds of Koshien.

For that reason, the desire to go away from Koshien was stronger than the others, and I wanted to make it a strong bear craft again and worked on rebuilding the team.

In addition to the traditional bang, we aimed for “persistent baseball”.

To that end, we put emphasis on communication in practice, and worked thoroughly without neglecting one play and one play so that each player could understand their development and judge the situation.

And a ticket to the grabbed Koshien.

On the stage of his longing for the first time as director, Tajima went to the first game with enthusiasm that he wanted to make a drastic arrangement while feeling the flow and atmosphere of Koshien.

The result of the practice was alive ...

The game was a painful development that was preempted by 2 points, but caught up to the same score in the 4th time and became a tense development. The third-year starter, Shigeru Tsuji, continued the tenacious pitching while running the runner.

However, after throwing 90 balls 5 times, he told the director that “the timing was matched by the opponent's batting line”, and Tajima switched from pitcher 6th to 2nd grade pitcher Hitoshi Murakami. Murakami pitched 6 innings with no penalty in response to his expectations.

Even when the starting pitcher was tense, the situation was calmly analyzed and the state of telling the manager of the timing of the change directly felt the growth of the players cultivated through communication-oriented practice.

The back is a strong defense and the pitcher is lifted. During the 13th tiebreaker, the bats go to Noguchi No. 7 Yamaguchi who is 4 hits from 1 out to here.

In this game, Yamaguchi players were not in time, and Tajima looked back to thinking of using a substitute, but “believe in Yamaguchi with one long shot and“ make your own swing ”” as it is I sent it to the bat.

The Yamaguchi player is a 21-year-old Sayonara home run that captures the fastball of the first ball perfectly. Director Tajima who made Koshien's first victory as a director by mixing traditional baseball with “persistent baseball”. After the game, I stroked my chest, “I want to thank the players.

Aim! “Old old man”

Surprisingly, Kumamoto Prefecture has not won the summer Koshien yet.

Tajima said, “Kumamoto Kogyo is said to be an“ old man ”. It ’s painful. I want to be able to return to the“ strong man ”once again. We put effort into.

It gained momentum with the victory of Koshien in summer for the first time in six years, and to the national conquest that many seniors could not achieve. A new challenge for Kumamoto Industries has begun.