Summer Koshien Tsuruoka Higashi wins Takamatsu Sho 6 to 4 First break in 4 years August 9th 20:19

In the fourth game on the fourth day of the national high school baseball tournament in the summer, Yamagata Tsuruoka Higashi High School won the game against Kagawa's Takamatsu Commerce 6-6 and surpassed the first match for the first time in four years.

Tsuruoka Higashi lost the 3 points with 2 base time hits of No. 1 Hiroki Kawano and No. 5 Maruyama Ren with 2 timely hits.

Nine times later, Hiroto Takebana, No. 2, took off at the tournament home run, which is the ninth tournament in this tournament.

Takamatsu Commerce preliminarily scored 2 points and returned 2 points to 9 times with a difference of 4 points.