J1 Gamba Osaka Shokuno Completely transferred to Manchester City August 10th, 0:35

Soccer J1 Gamba Osaka has announced that Ryotaro Shokuno, 21-year-old forward, will move completely to Manchester City, the English Premier League powerhouse.

Mr. Shokuno is 21 years old from Osaka Prefecture, and is a forward that has a sharp dribble breakthrough and speed to escape behind the defense.

From this season of professional third year, it has been established in the top team, and J1's first goal was scored in Sagan Tosu in May. On the other hand, it was never chosen as the representative of Japan, but there was a voice that evaluated its high potential.

According to Gamba, a request to win a food player from Manchester City, a strong champion who has won the England Premier League for the second time in a row, has arrived.

In January, Manchester City, who was a 22-year-old defender in June, was transferred to Groningen in the Netherlands by a limited time, after a full transfer of Satoshi Itakura, who also experienced the Japanese national team in June. Mr. Shino is expected to move to other overseas clubs as well.