Summer Koshien Tsuruga Kehi wins Toshima for the first time in 4 years 2nd August 8:19:22

In the fourth game on the third day of the national high school baseball tournament in summer, Fukui's Tsuruga Kehi High School won the match against Miyazaki's Toshima High School 5 to 1 and advanced to the second match for the first time in four years.

Tsuruga Kihi has won one point five times, one point has been won by the opponent's error, and has been scored three-to-one with a timely hit by No. 8 Ryuji Mitake, and scored afterwards .

Even if it was thrown, pitcher Naoki Kasashima threw only 3 hits and finished 5-1.

Tsuruga Qi is the first breakthrough in four years.

Toshima lost, unable to make a rhythm such as all three errors involved in losing points, Koshien's first victory did not happen.