Summer Koshien Rokushosha wins 11-6 in Kasumigaura to the second round August 7th 11:14

In the first game on the second day of the national high school baseball tournament in the summer, Osaka Shoshosha High School won the Kasumigaura High School in Ibaraki 11-6 and advanced to the second round.

On the first occasion, Shoshosha suddenly demonstrated its long-striking strength, and scored two points in the top batter home run of No. 1 Motoya Yuuki and the solo home run of No. 4 Hirohiro Inoue.

Nukashosha added 2 points in the second time, and the third time, the No. 8 Noki Seiki Nogami player made a two-run home run, and the lead was greatly expanded to 8 to 1 by the fifth.

The starting pitcher, Taisei Shimizu, was defeated by 4 points in 6 times and was caught up, but in the 9th, Momotani hit the second home run on that day, and Shushosha made 11-6 in Kasumigaura. I won and went to the second round.

Reikosha made five home runs in this game, and it was on the team record of one game at Koshien in the summer.

Kasumigaura hit 12 hits such as returning four points in a batter's round of attack six times, but the counterattack did not hit and Koshien's first victory did not become.