November Para Para World Championship 44 Japanese national team players announced August 6 at 20:11

Japan's representatives from the Para World Championships will be announced to compete for the Tokyo Paralympic Games next year, and 44 players, including Yuri Sato, who won the gold medal in the second race of the previous tournament, entered the team.

The Japan Para Athletics Federation broke through the set record and announced 44 people who were selected as representatives of the World Championship in November.

According to it, Tomohiro Sato who won the gold medal in the 400m and 1500m wheelchair class of men in the last tournament two years ago, Atsushi Yamamoto of the men's long jump silver medal, Sae Shigemoto of the 400m bronze medal I was represented.

Also, Pyongchang Paralympic gold medalist, Narita Midori Yume, who is currently challenging high jump, will challenge the first world championship.

On the other hand, the Federation is looking ahead to the Tokyo Paralympics, selecting only those players who can expect higher results than the prize, and Hitoshi Matsunaga of the wheelchair class who served as the land captain at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics and bronze medals in the previous relay event Nobuta Sato missed out on the team.

The Para Athletics World Championship will be held in November in Dubai, UAE = UAE, and if you enter 4th place, you will be selected as the representative of the Tokyo Paralympic Games.