Al-Sheikh Al-Sheikh, the new owner of the Spanish club Almería, responded to reports that the team had sought to sign players from the Egyptian league.

"Almería did not negotiate with any player in the Egyptian league," he said on his Facebook account. "There are no plans on the subject this season.

"All this is rumored and there is a formal offer from Almeria to the media," Al-Sheikh said.

According to local reports that the Saudi investor wants to contract with a number of players in the Egyptian league, and talked about the targeting of a number of elements of Ahli, Zamalek and Pyramids (Pyramids).

The Egyptian daily Al-Shorouk said that Al-Sheikh Al-Masri Al-Masri has been appointed as the new executive director of his new club. The latter is the agent of a number of players in the Egyptian league, most notably Al Ahly Junior Aghay and Waleed Azaro and Ali Maaloul.

Al-Sheikh abandoned his investment in Egypt and relinquished Pyramids's ownership after a year of buying it. He chose to invest in Spain by buying Almiria's second-tier shares in a deal worth 20 million euros.