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The visit of the scout of the Ministry of Justice in Kazan, the clash of Zenit fans with riot police and the sale of Sobolev: what was discussed after the matches of the 4th round of the RPL


The main newsmakers of the 4th round of the Russian Premier League were Zenit fans. During the break in the match with Krasnodar, the fans of the blue-white-blue came into conflict with the riot police, and after that they hung an unmatched banner on the stands, which some Western media described as a manifestation of racism. The club, however, denied such allegations. An unusual guest visited the meeting between Rubin and CSKA - Manchester United scout watching the game of Fyodor Chalov and Mario Fernandez, selecting players for the Premier League clubs. In the Wings of the Soviets, a controversy flared up regarding the future career of RPL top scorer Alexander Sobolev. The mentor of the Samara team Miodrag Bozovic expressed the opinion that the 22-year-old striker should change the club registration, but the governor of the Samara region opposed the sale of a football player.


For the second time in the season 2019/20, the matches of the Russian Premier League end in scandals related to security organization at the stadiums. Earlier, the match of the 2nd round between Rostov and Spartak ended with mass clashes between Muscovite fans and riot policemen.

According to the results of the inspection of the incident, which was conducted by a special joint commission of the RPL and the RFU, the Don Arena received a conditional two-match disqualification and a fine of 650 thousand rubles.

In the 4th round, a clash between fans and law enforcement officers broke out on the outer perimeter of the arena in St. Petersburg.

# ZenitKrasnodar Conflict of riot police with fans of “Zenith” during the match with “Krasnodar”

- SE Football (@se_football) August 3, 2019

The conflict occurred during a break in the match "Zenit" - "Krasnodar". According to eyewitnesses, several hundred fans of the Neva team headed for a stylobate in the smoking area, which was fenced with special fences. Wishing to expand the perimeter due to the large number of people, the fans tried to move the barrier modules, to which riot policemen promptly reacted on duty at the approaches to the stadium.

As a result of the clash, at least one person was injured - riot policemen, who were stoned in the eye.

“After the end of the match, outside the stadium bowl, from the fans' side, a heavy object was thrown at the riot policemen who ensured law and order at a sporting event. As a result, one of the OMON fighters was injured, ”the press service of the Russian Guard in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region reported.

As a result of the incident, 17 people were brought to administrative responsibility, although, according to representatives of the department, there were no serious violations of public order.

“The match was visited by more than 54 thousand fans. 17 of them were held administratively liable for violating the rules of spectator behavior during official sports competitions. There were no serious violations of public order, ”RBC quoted Vyacheslav Stepchenko, head of the information and public relations department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the region.

The events promptly responded to the club and the RPL. Representatives of Zenit and the Premier League said that they would jointly do everything possible to identify the instigators and prevent a repetition of the incident.

“The fact is being investigated by the club together with law enforcement agencies. A similar check immediately after the match started RPL. According to its results, the materials will be sent to the RFU for making relevant decisions. We are convinced that the territory of the stadium should be a zone of comfort and safety, ”- said in a statement RPL.


In addition to clashes with riot police, Zenit fans were noted on the podium with a banner that, according to some media, can reflect the negative attitude of some fans towards the purchase of Barcelona striker Malcolm.

Earlier, representatives of the main fan-association of the blue-white-and-blue Landskrona appeared with a manifesto and demands to refuse to buy dark-skinned players. In the match with Krasnodar, a small homemade banner appeared on the bend with the words “Thank you leadership for loyalty to traditions”.

The low-key homemade poster was very different from the traditional colorful and large-scale actions of Zenit fans, but it was still noticed by the media. RIA Novosti, citing sources in Brazil, writes that already in the winter the Brazilian may leave the banks of the Neva due to fan protests.

A number of Western publications, in particular the Spanish AS, the British The Sun, and the French L'Equipe, accused Zenit fans of racism altogether. Such facts in the camp of the champion of Russia rejected.

Thus, the general director of the club, Alexander Medvedev, is confident that foreign journalists deliberately replace facts.

54,078 people cheering together for our new man Malcom. See for yourself, not through the words of others. # / N0SHlNcBWj

- FC Zenit in English🌊 (@fczenit_en) on August 4, 2019

“There was no conflict. Western media once again throw in fake information. Unfortunately, this is not only happening in sports, ”Medvedev said.

Zenit did not limit itself to the comments of the leadership and clearly demonstrated the attitude of the St. Petersburg public to the star legionnaire. In English-speaking social networks, the team posted a special video with a call to objectively evaluate the information.

“54,078 people welcome our newcomer Malcolm together. Convince yourself, not through the words of others, ”reads the official report of the champions of Russia.


Violation of Spartak striker Esequiel Ponce and the subsequent removal of a football player was one of the most discussed moments of the tour. Opinions of experts and fans were divided: some of them believe that the Argentine legionary of red and whites deliberately allowed himself excessive rudeness against an opponent, while others are confident that the attacker simply did not see the approaching Anton Shunin.

For example, Pavel Stipidi, the former FIFA referee, believes that Ponce did not plan to inflict injury on the Dynamo goalkeeper and even attempted to minimize the physical impact on the goalkeeper.

I can not imagine more iron red than this

- Telingater (@gtelingater) August 3, 2019

“He didn’t want to do anything bestial to Shunin, just a reckless violation. The goalkeeper remained on the field, although he could not finish the match after such an episode. Probably, in the end, Ponce still understood what he was doing and managed to bend a little bit of his leg, ”Stipidi quotes Euro Football.

However, another ex-referee, Sergey Khusainov, condemned the behavior of the Spartak forward.

“Removing Ponce? There is no discussion, red card. Such a gangster attack. It is good that Shunin is alive and well after such an attack, ”the referee quotes the Sport24.

By the way, the participants in the incident themselves chose not to comment on the incident. All that the injured Anton Shunin allowed himself - the publication of the result of a collision with a rival.

Goalkeeper Dynamo Anton Shunin showed damage after a collision with Ponce

- Russian national team (@TeamRussia) August 3, 2019

Immediately after the match, the official social networks of the RFU published a photo of the Dynamo goalkeeper’s chest, which shows the tracks from the Argentine boots.

Later, the main football department of the country will study in detail the circumstances of the episode and make the final verdict for Spartak. The chief arbiter of the meeting, Vladislav Bezborodov, interpreted the actions of Ponce as “a serious violation of the rules”, and not aggressive behavior on the field - this is the wording included in the final protocol of the Moscow derby. According to clause 2 of article 94 of the disciplinary rules of the RFU, for such a misconduct, the forward may be excommunicated for three matches.


22-year-old Krylya Sovetov attacker Alexander Sobolev continues his triumphal march in the season 2019/20 of the Russian Championship. The forward, recognized by fans and experts as the best player of July, managed to excel in the first game of August. On his account, the only goal Samarans in the gate "Lokomotiv". Thus, the forward’s asset already has four goals per season (for comparison, Spartak and Dynamo could have distinguished themselves only three times during the past matches).

The leader in the list of RPL scorers Sobolev has already become a “cherished dream” of fans of many league clubs. For example, CSKA fans are confident that the young striker will fit perfectly into the young team of Viktor Goncharenko, and Spartak fans are asking the general director of the club, Thomas Zorn, to consider Samartz as an enhancement of the attack line already in this transfer window. In addition, the arrival of Sobolev will be happy and the fans of "Zenith". They have no doubt that in the event that a player enters the market, it is their team that will have the right of priority redemption.

Miodrag Bozovic, the head coach of Krylia, is confident that the talented forward should move from Samara to one of the country's top clubs as quickly as possible.

“It's very good when the players raise their level. I'm not saying that Sobolev should be sold today or tomorrow. But I hope that he will make such a career in the future, that a line will be formed for him, ”the Samara team coach said after the match.

Such frank thoughts of a mentor regarding the further fate of a football player outraged the governor of the Samara region, Dmitry Azarov.

“Still, Russian is not native for Bozovic, and I hope we will see what he really said and what he thought. But I’m responsible for all the fans of the club, because I myself am a fan of Krylya Sovetov: God save our team from the coach, who carries such nonsense, ”the official said.


The Moscow-based CSKA, as part of the 4th round of the RPL, went to Kazan, and after the red-blue to the capital of Tatarstan, an eminent guest arrived from England. The battle of the army and the local "Rubin" from the VIP lodge was watched by the scout of "Manchester United" Krsto Kilibard. The specialist is known for selecting potential novices for the Sir Alexis speaking at Eastern European clubs.

According to a number of media reports, the agent could be immediately interested in two players in the team of Viktor Goncharenko. We are talking about the attacker Fedor Chalov and defender Mario Fernandez, thanks to which the red and blue drove three points away from Kazan - a pass to Fernandez, goal in Chalov’s asset.

However, it is possible that Kilibarda arrived in Kazan to watch the local team's footballers. In particular, Georgian midfielder Zuriko Davitashvili and his compatriot Khvichi Kvaratskhelia. The commentator of “Match TV” Nobel Arustamyan reported this in his social networks. However, it was not possible to see one of them in the scout case - Kvaratskhelia missed the meeting because of a cold.

The agent himself did not disclose the cards and refused to tell reporters about the purpose of his visit, while he strengthened the intrigue and responded complementary about Chalov.

“I do not comment on my work. Fedor? Good football player. If this is a player of the Russian national team, it means that it has potential, ”the Sport24 submarine quotes the scooter.

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