“Attracted the ambitions of Spartak”

The transition of Guus Thiel to Spartak was hardly a big surprise for one of the fans of red and white. The footballer AZ Alkmar has repeatedly stated his desire to move to the capital's team, and on Saturday even visited the Moscow derby with Dynamo. On the eve of the match, the club’s director general Thomas Zorn made the most transparent hint - at the presentation of newcomers, he asked the press service if the welcome video was ready for the player.

On Monday, the teaser finally saw the light of day. In it, a Dutchman in the form of a “Spartacus” enters a room on the wall of which the word “til” burns. Then Gus presses the switch and the full phrase becomes visible: "Legendary style."

😎 It's time to fix it! pic.twitter.com/43es9Ob32W

- FC Spartak Moscow (@fcsm_official) August 5, 2019

It is symbolic that in the new team, the 21-year-old Til took the number of the former captain of the red-white Denis Glushakov - the eighth. And the agent of the football player Fulko van Couperin admitted that negotiations with the Russian club went without any difficulties. According to the authoritative portal Transfermarkt, the red-and-white gave € 18 million for the athlete.

“The negotiations were wonderful,“ Spartak ”behaved splendidly. Many clubs were interested in the style, but Gus was attracted by the ambitions of Spartak and the people in the club, ”the Championship quoted the representative of the athlete as saying.

While Spartak greeted Til, AZ Alkmar also took him to the new team with a special video.

“You made us proud. You made us laugh, ”the press service of the Dutch club said.

🙌🏽 You made us proud

😃 You made us laugh

➡️ https://t.co/n7WvrLRF5S#WeLoveGuusTilWeDiepic.twitter.com/lJp8XBNhtS

- AZ (@AZAlkmaar) August 5, 2019

It is noteworthy that the midfielder is a pupil of a team from Alkmaar and spent the first years of his career in it. Thiel’s debut at the base took place three years ago at the age of 18. Since then, he has spent a total of almost a hundred matches in AZ Alkmar in all tournaments, in which he scored 28 goals and gave 12 assists.

And the last season was really breakthrough for Hus, in which he turned from a promising young football player into a real team leader. In many ways, 12 accurate shots and five assists by Til helped red and white break into the European competition.

In Spartak, the Dutchman is called to replace Fernando. At the same time, it is difficult to call the Brazilian Thiel a full replacement. Unlike him, he makes not so many assists per match and does not have such a good last pass. But Gus is equally capable of playing both under the striker and deeper to the center of the field. He regularly shifts to the right flank.

At the same time, the Dutchman is an incredibly efficient footballer who is able to pressure an opponent throughout the match in case of loss of the ball. Another strong quality of Thiel is a strong delivered blow, thanks to which he scored a considerable number of goals.

It is hard to expect that Gus immediately adapts to the rather specific game championship of Russia, but the potential of this football player is beyond doubt: it is no coincidence that he was interested in a number of European clubs, and Ronald Kuman challenged the Netherlands to the team.

Fifth footballer of Zenit in Sochi

Another significant transfer of the day was the transition of Christian Noboa from Zenit to Sochi. This event is also hard to call unexpected, since a lot was also said about the possible departure of the Ecuadorian in the camp of the RPL beginner.

At the same time, the team of Alexander Tochilin continues to turn into the unspoken Zenith farm club. Even earlier, four blue-white-blue football players went to Sochi at once: Ibrahim Tsallagov, Ivan Novoseltsev, Dmitry Poloz and Elmir Nabiullin. The fifth was Noboa.

For the whole five, Petersburgers (according to Transfermarkt) gained € 8 million. The clubs are more related by the fact that not so long ago Sochi was called Dynamo and was based in St. Petersburg. And the owner of the club was and is a famous St. Petersburg businessman Boris Rotenberg.

One way or another, the contract with Noboa was signed for two years, and Zenit received € 3 million for Christian, which can be considered more than a good deal for Petersburgers, given that Ecuador moved to the Northern capital in 2017 for free. At the same time, Sergei Semak, after joining Zenit, seriously counted on an experienced football player and assigned him an important role in midfield, but Noboa suffered a serious knee injury last summer.

Sochi is a player of the level and type of Christian just needed. At the start of the season, the RPL beginner is experiencing obvious problems with the start of attacks and the first pass. Often, Tochilin’s wards are forced to transfer the ball to the flanks and carry out no dangerous canopies in the penalty area. As a result, the team has not a single goal scored in the first four matches of the season and only one point scored.

In the person of Noboa, “Sochi” will receive an experienced football player who is primarily able to give the attacks a competent vector. Also, Kristan, despite his injury and age, is still characterized by incredible performance, which allows him to spend all 90 minutes in the supporting zone.

Strengthening the attack for Dynamo

Finally, in the very near future, another significant transfer may occur in the RPL. Information has repeatedly appeared in the media about the possible transfer of the German forward of the Dortmund Borussia Maximilian Philip to Dynamo.

A little more about the possible transition told Bild. Allegedly, the blue-and-white striker will pay € 20 million, and he will arrive in Moscow in a few days for a physical examination. If this information is confirmed, then the German may become the most expensive football player in the history of the club.

In Borussia, apparently, they intend to recapture the spending on Philip, because two years ago he moved to Dortmund from Freiburg for the same € 20 million.

However, in a new place, Maximilian did not really play. If in the first season for black-yellow he still regularly went on the field and scored, in the last season he lost the competition to Paco Alcacer, suffered from injuries and scored only twice.

But in a modest Freiburg, Philip was a real leader. Through the young star went all the attacks of the team. He not only scored a lot, but also gave a large number of assists. It is not surprising that it was with him that “Freiburg” for the first time in a long time made it to the European Cups.

Despite the not-so-successful part of his career at Borussia, the 25-year-old Maximilian may well be useful for Dynamo. First, the blue and white still have problems with the attackers. In the summer, Ramil Sheydayev joined the club, but it’s difficult to expect a stable game from him and a large number of goals.

Philip is a striker who consistently scores his ten goals per season. The second plus of the German is incredible versatility. In the attack, he is able to play in any position: on the tip, under the attacker and on both flanks. Any coach will not refuse such a football player. It is hoped that Maximilian will become the second Kevin Kuranyi for Dynamo fans.