Former national football player Faisal Khalil has returned to the stadium after a three-and-a-half year suspension after Al Hamriya's board of directors signed a contract with him to represent the first team in the next season. One.

Faisal Al-Khalil told Emirates Al-Youm that Al-Ahli youth club has made me a player for all times and Al-Hamriya is a historic football player and I am opening the doors wide and I am trying to lead Al-Hamriya to play next season in the Gulf Arab League. .

"I will give all my technical potential and field experience over the years I served the national team, and I wore the shirt of the youth of Ahli," he said. "I will try to put an artistic footprint on my shirt. The club's ambitions to rise to the spotlight, and to achieve the addition that the board of the club and its Tunisian coach, Ghazi Ghrairi, and his audience want, and what he wishes to show me the fans of the young Ahli loyal, and I want to my football career, which I cherish.

"I can not limit my goals in the next stage to the scoring of Hamriya rivals, but to contribute a bigger role to the team which has ensured the return of my supervisor to the stadiums, through many factors, and I consider my return to play Hamriya as a new challenge I proudly and proudly accept. Al-Hamriya's administration, headed by Jumaa Al Shamsi, has accepted to sign a player who has been suspended for three and a half years, a decision in which they deserve their thanks and appreciation and I will strive to be at the level of this challenge. "

As for the value of the financial contract that was signed to play in Al-Hamriya, Faisal Khalil stressed that «the positive attitudes issued by the management of Hamriyah, all were positive and deep sense of loyalty and nobility than talking to them about the financial value», adding that «return to the stadium after a period The relatively long pause is not easy for any player, but he realizes that he can move away in the next stage. "

"Despite my absence from formal play, I have maintained my level of physical fitness. In the last year and a half I have practiced sports four to five times a week and have contributed to maintaining my physical and technical level."

"My brother Ahmad encouraged me to go back to the stadiums, describing my potential as still vibrant, and that I was able to provide the right level, which encouraged me more to think again of going back to playing."

As for the return to play in the Gulf Arab League through the professional portal, Faisal said: "Talk about this goal is still early, and my goal now is to contribute to the rise of the team, and to enjoy the public and contribute a prominent artistic role, and then each incident will be modern," noting that he is very proud Despite the fact that he never thought of playing in the first division after the long and distinguished march with the youth of Ahli, describing that stage of his life as something special in his life and can not be compared with any other period of football, but he will strive for the emergence of Musharraf , Thanked the Tunisian coach Ghazi Ghrairi, who decided to give him this opportunity.

"My teammates, who are my generation, encouraged me to go back to the stadiums, and like them, who are still playing, I will return to the stadiums," said Faisal Khalil. "The Hamriya administration welcomes me, and I appreciate them very much. "I have no limit, and I think it is time to return a long-standing debt to the Hamriyah club, which began to play football in its ranks, and it was preferred by me at the founding stage when I was 12-13 years old and left to the youth of Ahli on the recommendation of the father.

"I'm happy, and everything in his time is beautiful, and I will celebrate as the public likes if it will please him, and I will stand with him as he has with me over the past years," Faisal said with a laugh.

Faisal Khalil:

"It's not easy to go back to the stadiums, after a long pause, but I can move away."

"I hope that the fans of Al Ahly and Hamriyah will show me the most honor."

"I'll celebrate as much as the fans like when scoring goals, if that's a pleasure."