The Grand Prix of Hungary will be continued on Saturday with the third free practice, which starts at 12.00 on the Hungaroring. The qualification starts at 3 p.m. Follow everything in our live blog.

Good afternoon and welcome to the Formula 1 live blog on My name is Patrick Moeke and today I will keep you informed of all developments concerning the Hungarian Grand Prix. Lots of fun!

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GP Hungary · 3 minutes ago

1 minute left - Lewis Hamilton clocked the fastest time thanks to a super-fast third sector. He is only a hundredth faster than Verstappen. The top three (Hamilton, Verstappen and Vettel) are within a tenth of a second apart. That promises something for the qualification!

GP Hungary · 6 minutes ago

Another 3 minutes - Vettel is almost half a second faster in the first sector than Verstappen, but loses that lead completely in the second and third sectors. With 1.16.166, the German is still in second place.

GP Hungary · 9 minutes ago

5 minutes to go - Verstappen is the fastest time! With 1.16.097, the Red Bull driver is 0.242 seconds faster than Hamilton.

GP Hungary · 13 minutes ago

Another 10 minutes - The drivers of the top teams prepare for a qualification simulation and are all in the pits.

GP Hungary · 17 minutes ago

15 more minutes - If the third session is a prelude to qualifying, then we are set to become a very exciting afternoon. The differences between Verstappen, the Ferraris and the Mercedes are minimal. Again the position:

  • Hamilton 1,116,339
  • Leclerc +0.053
  • Verstappen +0.135
  • Bottas +0.150
  • Vettel +0.546
  • Gasly + 0.703
  • GP Hungary · 19 minutes ago

    Another 17 minutes - Verstappen improves and climbs to P2, between the two Mercedes. The score:

  • Hamilton 1,116,339
  • Verstappen +0.135
  • Bottas +0.150
  • Leclerc +0.265
  • Vettel +0.546
  • GP Hungary · 23 minutes ago

    Another 20 minutes - The times are falling. Hamilton (P1), Bottas (P2) and Leclerc (P3) improve and refer Verstappen to P4.

    GP Hungary · 30 minutes ago

    27 minutes left - Verstappen turns on and climbs to P1! The Dutchman is 0.016 seconds faster than Hamilton.

    GP Hungary · 33 minutes ago

    Another 30 minutes - Hamilton is the fastest with 1.17.051. All drivers from the top five recorded their times on the soft tire yesterday. The score:

  • Hamilton 1,117,051
  • Bottas +0.210
  • Vettel +0.279
  • Leclerc +0.520
  • Verstappen +0.699
  • Gasly + 0.852
  • GP Hungary · 34 minutes ago

    31 minutes left - Verstappen clocked in fifth time with his first timed run. He admits four tenths in the fastest time of Vettel.

    GP Hungary · 38 minutes ago

    Another 34 minutes - Max Verstappen sends his Red Bull onto the asphalt. The Dutchman starts his first round in this session.

    GP Hungary · 41 minutes ago

    Another 38 minutes - Vettel (1.17,435) increases the pace and leads the times list. Verstappen is still in the pits.

    GP Hungary · 44 minutes ago

    McLaren is currently the fastest, while the stands are already filling up. #HungarianGP

    Avatar Author Bart van Dooijeweert Moment of places 12: 15 - 3 August 2019

    GP Hungary · one hour ago

    Another 43 min - While the first times are noted, Max Verstappen is still in his pit box. Lando Norris (1.18.706) is currently the fastest.

    GP Hungary · one hour ago

    Nobody forecasted snow on Turn 4? ☃️ # F1 #HungarianGP 🇭🇺

    Avatar AuthorFormula 1Moment of places12: 15 - 3 August 2019

    GP Hungary · one hour ago

    The sand with which the oil was disposed of yields considerable dust clouds. Various drivers are advised not to drive over it.

    Questo è ciò che si vede stando dietro un'altra vettura a curva 4 😅 #HungarianGP

    Avatar AuthorGianluca D'AlessandroMoment of places12: 13 - 3 August 2019

    GP Hungary · one hour ago

    The oil trail is cleared, VT3 can start with a 10 minute delay. Hamilton and Bottas are the first on the track. #HungarianGP

    Avatar Author Bart van Dooijeweert Time of places 12: 11 - 3 August 2019

    GP Hungary · one hour ago

    Another 50 minutes - Green! The shortened training starts.

    GP Hungary · one hour ago

    At Red Bull they can see the humor of it. The work seems to be finished.

    SPY: After the excitement of the rain in Germany, this week FOM are trying artificial snow. #RBSpy #HungarianGP

    Avatar AuthorAston Martin Red Bull RacingMoment of places12: 06 - 3 August 2019

    GP Hungary · one hour ago

    Formula 2 driver Ralph Boschung is responsible for the oil track on the asphalt.

    @ F1 It's Boschung who cause it earlier ...

    Avatar Author John Mario Moment of places 12: 01 - 3 August 2019

    GP · one hour ago

    Ai, bad news for the teams. The training is shortened due to the work and ends anyway at 1 p.m. Yesterday there was little driving due to the rain, so the teams were unable to collect much data. This usually results in a nice qualification and race.

    GP Hungary · one hour ago

    The start of the training has been postponed by at least ten minutes . There is a lot of oil on the track, caused by a broken Formula 2 car. The marshalls are busy working to clean up the oil.

    The marshals are working hard to clear oil on the track There will be a 10 minute delay to FP3 - we will be under way soon! # F1 #HungarianGP 🇭🇺

    Avatar AuthorFormula 1Moment of places11: 57 - August 3, 2019

    GP Hungary · one hour ago

    McLaren is still practicing some pit stops before the third free practice session starts at 12.00.

    Pre-session pit stop practice. 💪👊 #HungarianGP 🇭🇺

    Avatar Author McLaren Time of places 11: 43 - 3 August 2019

    GP Hungary · 2 hours ago

    De Vries sees Latifi catching up despite second place
    Nyck de Vries finishes second in the Formula 2 main race at the Hungaroring. The Dutchman, who was allowed to leave pole position, loses the lead at the start to Nicholas Latifi, who is also his competitor in the title fight. Latifi takes the race to his name and runs seven points ahead of De Vries, who continues to lead the championship in a large (192 to 164 points). The Formula 2 sprint race is still on the program tomorrow morning.

    GP Hungary · 2 hours ago

    Max Verstappen has also arrived at the Hungaroring. The third free practice starts at 12.00. The qualification starts at 3 p.m.

    I'm ready for the all-important qualifying day! 🦁 #UnleashTheLion #KeepPushing #HungarianGP 🇭🇺

    Avatar Author Max Verstappen Moment of places 10: 38 - 3 August 2019

    GP Hungary · 4 hours ago

    The Hungarian Grand Prix is ​​full of history. Fernando Alonso, for example, won his first Grand Prix at the Hungaroring and became the youngest driver ever to win a Formula 1 race. That record was later broken by Sebastian Vettel and has been in the name of Max Verstappen since 15 May 2016.

    The 2003 # HungarianGP🇭🇺 @ alo_oficial won his first ever Grand Prix, becoming the youngest driver at the time, to win a Formula One Race! 🏆

    Avatar AuthorSky Sports F1Moment of places09: 29 - 3 August 2019

    GP Hungary · 5 hours ago

    Hamilton would love to prove Rosberg wrong
    It is not good for Lewis Hamilton that his former teammate Nico Rosberg spoke highly of Max Verstappen this week. According to the German, the young Dutchman would be at the top of the World Cup position if he had the same car as Hamilton. "I wouldn't mind having Max as a teammate," said Hamilton in Hungary, where the twelfth race of the year will be held on Sunday. "I read stories that I only win because Max and I have different cars. If he would become my teammate, I can prove that this is not the case."

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